I woke up yesterday morning, after starting this blog, and thought, Oh my gosh!!  What have I done?! Not that thinking that is anything new for me.  …  Guess I better get blogging.

But then I had one of those new-baby-in-the-house days.  One of those frustrating days where you just don’t get anything done that doesn’t involve diaper changes and spit up.  But in the midst of it all, there were some amazing moments that I was blessed to enjoy.  So, rather than go fold the seven loads of laundry that have become a mountain in my bedroom  …  I’ll blog!

While I juggled the baby, diaper changes, feedings, burping, shoving food in my mouth and calling it a meal, and other glamorous activities like that, I absorbed the sights and sounds of Spring’s arrival.  The chilly winter weather had warmed up to about 70° and I had the doors open, letting the warm Spring breeze dance through the house.

I watched the girls (7 and 5 years old) through the front windows.  They were playing outside on the bright green grass -enjoying the warmer weather, with their bathing suits on, playing in the sprinkler and with water from the hose.  And I was able to witness these classic moments that make childhood so wonderful.  I hope I’ll always remember the sun on their skin, their hair blowing in the breeze, shiny from the sunlight as they played  …  their youthful enthusiasm a match for the bright sunlight and dancing breeze.

Then the rumbling began, as one by one, motorcycles rode by.  All day long, in groups, they travel the highway going north and south.  I love when I hear the rumblings and then watch them, one at a time, come up the hill, round the bend, and fly past our house.  It’s a sure sign of a beautiful day here in the Hill Country, when I hear the motorcycles.

I wish I had a picture or video to share with you.  But, I was busy changing diapers and making a laundry mountain.