I’m a little sad.  Spring break is over for my school age monkeys.  They went back to school this morning.  It doesn’t help that we got back from our grocery shopping trip in town later than we should have last night.  It doesn’t help that by the time we got back I was starting on a cold – ick.  And, it really doesn’t help that we had the time change on Sunday.  Spring Ahead – I don’t like it.

However, being cranky, really doesn’t help.  Especially with the hours I’m keeping with my new baby.  The lack of sleep makes it easy to be cranky.  So, I started changing my focus.  Fortunately for you … who wants to read about cranky?!

I love when the monkeys are home on vacation.  I love having them all around, spending time with them, listening to the noise, and even the mess.  I love the mess because I love to see what they enjoy doing, what their imagination comes up with, and I love to see them happy.  I also love a clean home.  Love it.  So I love the mess for a while, then have them clean it up.  Usually by the end of the day.  With the exception of the train they constructed in the living room.  Something like that takes time and it should be left up for a while.  Even if it’s a pain to try to get around.  And, I love watching them together and seeing how much they love each other and enjoy spending time together.

Having the children home on vacation reminds me of the time we spent homeschooling.  I loved homeschooling.  Who’d of thunk it?  Not me.

Even on vacation, there are opportunities to learn.  Not what I was thinking about at midnight on Sunday when I was up with baby and heard a sound from the kitchen – a broken water pipe under the house.  So, Monday was all about learning to tear up the floor, put a hole in the middle of my kitchen, and replace a busted pipe.

It was also about living without indoor plumbing while taking care of a new baby.  But, I’m not being cranky right now.  So let’s move on.

Vacations, we all know, are about having fun.

On our way into town to pick out flooring (which I still haven’t decided on), traveling a county road, we stop to play in the water before driving across it.

And … vacations, like everyday, are about spending time with the ones we love.