It’s raining here this morning!  I just love the rain!

Sure.  It can be a hassle.  I think everyone has their own reasons for disliking the rain.  For me – this morning – it was a travel issue.  I was told late last night that I can’t drive my car – it needs to be fixed.  Ugh.  OK, I can handle this, we’ll walk to school. It’s just half a mile.  Then I woke up this morning – late because the baby finally settles down for a good stretch of uninterrupted sleep right before I have to wake up, but I was zonked out – anyway, I wake up to the sound of rain.  Who wants to walk in that?  So, I frantically call the new friends I have been blessed with in the year since I moved here.  And we were rescued!

But, hassles aside, I just love the rain!!

One year ago this month, I came to this town for the weekend hoping and praying that I could find a place to live.  I found this house and fell in love with it.

The realtor mentioned the effect of the drought on the yard.  It sure was dry.  And that summer, the record-setting high temperatures and lowered water levels made me wonder what in the world I had just done by moving here.  But, we have been blessed with rain since then.  And look at our little house now.

So, even with the hassles, I love the rain!  I love the sound of rain, the way it smells, and standing in the rain feels amazing!  (Well, unless you do it for a long period of time and are cold and can’t get out of the rain … you know what I mean.)  I love brightly colored rain boots that keep your feet dry and are great for splashing in!  (I know.  I have a pair!)  I so enjoy listening to the rain … getting comfy with a mug of hot cocoa … a blanket and a movie or a good book … pillows on the floor and a game of cards or a board game … and especially the way the lamps inside seem to give off a warmer, more golden, light on rainy days.  Why is that?  I don’t know, but it feels magical and wonderful!

If it’s raining where you are, I hope you’re enjoying it, too.