I love wearing dresses.  My daughters love wearing dresses, also.

And while I’m thinking about it, I’ll veer off on this tangent  …  As the years go by, the selection of dresses seems to grow smaller and smaller.  For myself and my girls.  It makes me sad.  …  But, back to my original trail of thought …

I oftentimes get compliments and comments about how pretty the girls are in their dresses.  They talk about how nice it is to see girls wearing dresses.  And that their (insert young girl related to them somehow here) just won’t wear dresses.  It’s pants only.  And she’s always doing “tomboy” type things.

Then I thank them for the compliment.  It really is sweet of them.  But, I don’t want to be misleading.  So, I must then admit to them that though the girls and I do love dresses, our actions don’t always match our attire.

Take, for instance, the time I was about 7 months pregnant with my fourth child.  Just home from church in a dress and heels, and my 14 year old son and I stop in the driveway for a short game of basketball.  An anything goes kind of basketball game, too.  (I don’t like to loose.  And that big pregnant belly body balancing on a pair of heels wasn’t going to stop me. … That said, I probably lost.)

As for the girls.  It’s not uncommon to find them outside, all dressed up, and playing, climbing, or covered in dirt.  Sometimes, all three.  Yesterday was just one of those moments.  Shortly after church, I find the 7- and 5-year old monkeys outside.  The 5-year old was climbing on the porch.

Those tights will have holes in them before she’s done.

The 7-year old was throwing the football around.

We love wearing dresses.  We love being girls.  …  And we love to have fun!