I am so excited about diapers!

Really.  It’s true.

With each new baby, I’m faced with the same decision.  Disposable or cloth.

I’m torn between what’s best for the planet, my budget, my time,  …  my sanity.

Four babies done and one just starting, that’s a lot of diapers!

So I’m surprised to tell you  …  I just fell in love with some diapers!

They have cloth covers, plastic liners, and the absorbent part is compostable/flushable/disposable.

The fantastic benefits of the absorbent refills are obvious.  The disposal options are so cool!  (If disposing of diapers can be cool.)

No diaper pail in the house or to be emptied, also cool!  (Now admit it, no diaper pail is very cool!  Never again will you find yourself standing in front of your spouse saying in unison, “Rock, paper, scissors!” to see who has to empty the diaper pail. … Oh, you don’t do that?  Me either.  I was just joking.)

Here’s the part I really like  …

… the cloth covers.

They are so cute!

This is the inside of the “vanilla” one above.

And check out these ruffles!

Remember, I’m a woman.

And we women love to accessorize.

Even if it is diaper covers.

Check them out at www.gdiapers.com