Today, my 5-year old, my still so tiny little girl, left on a field trip.

This isn’t her first field trip.  She went to a pumpkin patch that was maybe 30 minutes away.

I went also.  Followed the bus in my car with another mom … to help out, of course.  …  OK.  And to stay close to my still so tiny 5-year old.

She also had a field trip to some local banks and the library.  Those were, at most, a mile away.  I didn’t follow her.  I’m not that silly.

I showed up at a couple of the banks after they had arrived.

To take pictures, of course.  That’s all.

This field trip is about 2 hours away.

I didn’t follow behind her.  I’m not that silly.

Or maybe, it’s because I have a 2 month old to care for.  And maybe it’s because the note sent home welcomed parents but not siblings.

And maybe I feel like I’ve just shipped my still so tiny 5-year old off on a trip abroad!

You’d think that by the fourth child I’d be a bit more nonchalant about this sort of thing!

I’d be even more concerned, but I have a dear friend, a fellow parent, that went along on the field trip.  …  A dear sweet woman who sent a text to let me know how my still so tiny 5-year old is doing.  …  A kind-hearted soul who sent me a picture of my still so tiny 5-year old.

Not that I had asked for photographic proof that my little girl is OK.  I’m not that silly.

So, I’ll just sit here and continue to wring my hands until she’s back home, safely, in my arms … where she belongs.

As if I had time to wring my hands.  But, in my mind, I am.  In reality, I have a 2-month old to care for, the usual housework to do, cooking so I can feed my family, and various items on my to-do list.  …  Better get started.

But, wait, my 7-year old is home with a fever today.  That adds more to my list.  Something won’t be getting done today.  Instead I will be busy with taking temps, giving medicine, recording it all, bringing food to the child, etc.

Then, she asked me if I knew how to make a paper “fortune teller”.  (Also known as cootie catchers.  But we agreed that “fortune tellers” is a nicer term.)  Of course I do!

Scratch my earlier comment.  In all actuality, nearly nothing will get done today.

I chose pink. … Its my favorite color!

Pick a number!

OK … 2!

Now that’s a cool fortune!