On this day, last year, I began my move from California to Texas.

I’ve moved before.  I’ve lived in 5 or 6 different cities.  The farthest was a 2 1/2 hour drive from my childhood home.  But, being a rather shy girl (and a self-proclaimed mildly agoraphobic girl) those moves were big moves.  California to Texas  …  that was a monumentally big move.

It was scary, nerve-wracking, and exhausting – both physically and emotionally. But, I had prayed about this.  That gave me comfort and strength.  The support and encouragement from some of my family and friends was wonderful.  The help from my Texas guy and his company on the trip was a blessing.

The night before, my oldest daughter (a 16-year old monkey), her boyfriend, my Texas guy, and I all stayed up very late hunting down boxes at grocery stores and packing our things into them.  Our lives in cardboard boxes … it’s a surreal sight.

We picked up the 26’ rental truck first thing in the morning.

My (then) 4-year old monkey immediately nicknamed it the-big-cheese-ball-truck (she’s a big fan of cheese).  She and her (then 6-year old monkey) sister were thrilled to ride in the-big-cheese-ball-truck back to our home!

Oldest daughter had a minimum day so, I picked her and her boyfriend up from school and we started loading the truck.  A number of their friends came by throughout the day to help – they did a great job and it was wonderful to see them all before I left.  (They did such a great job packing everything they could get their hands on, I inadvertently stole my parents’ carpet cleaner and drove it all the way to Texas.)

We took a break for dinner and thoroughly enjoyed one more delicious BBQ compliments of some friends, Santa Maria Style – yum!!  We stayed up late again loading the last of the things into the truck and then grabbing a piece of floor and crashing out for a few hours.

Oldest daughter and her boyfriend were both incredibly helpful!  They made dinner every night for the last week we were all there so I could focus on packing and making arrangements.  They stayed up late many nights packing boxes and loading the truck that last night.

I was able to see almost everyone during the days before we left.  All the goodbyes were so very difficult, but I’m so grateful to have spent time with them.  I have been blessed with so many amazing people in my life and for that I am so very grateful.

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