← Moving … Part 4

The next morning I stood in the shower for a long (looong) time.  The hot water felt so good.  Meanwhile, Texas guy was ready to hit the road and wondering what in the world was taking so long.

(At some point during my shower, I realized he might be waiting.  Then I stayed in there a little longer.  Then I considered staying even longer and having my mail forwarded there.  Shhh, don’t tell Texas guy.)

We finally got back on the road after Texas guy finished showering.  Oh.  That was me.  Anyway …  This was our final day of driving.  Hooray!!  It was a full day of driving.

About an hour or two from the house I fell asleep driving.  Eeekies!  I had called a friend who had music on her answering machine and listening to the music was the last thing I remembered.  I woke up to see the driver’s side front corner of the Suburban heading into the back corner of the moving truck and the passenger front corner of the Suburban heading towards a low guard rail – we were driving over a creek!!  Fortunately, I missed hitting either of them, straightened the Suburban out and waited for my heart to start beating again!

Other than that, it was relatively uneventful … and after the day before, that was OK with both of us.

I slowed down and fell back a ways to get this picture.

Then I took this one. … After almost three days of looking at the back of the cheese-ball-truck with a very boring landscape passing by in my peripheral vision, The rock thing we were driving through looked exciting … and I was bored.

Then the view opened up to all this green!  After leaving the beautiful central coast of California then driving across the southern part of Arizona and New Mexico and into West Texas (that was well into a drought) I was so incredibly excited to see so much green!

Well, it looked like a lot at the time.  …  I miss all the green on California’s central coast.

Let’s take one more look at the back of the cheese-ball-truck.

I’ve had enough of that view to last a lifetime!