I hope you had a wonderful Easter!

The girls dyed eggs with Texas Guy on Saturday. Then they set out their baskets and their dresses for Sunday.  Everyone was so excited!  Then Texas Guy filled plastic eggs with candy to hide the next day.  I helped by sampling all the candy to make sure it was Easter egg worthy.  Then I sampled it again.  And maybe once more just to be sure.

Maybe that’s why I woke up with a horrible headache the next morning.  Maybe.  I think I should try it again just to be sure.

While Texas Guy filled eggs … and I helped check them for quality and taste … I made two carrot cakes for church the next morning.  In between filling eggs and baking , Texas Guy and I took turns with the baby.  I fill the baby from the top end and he cleans up on the other end.  Too much?  Sorry.  …  Not really.

Sunday morning the girls and I, and our carrot cakes, went to church.  It was a wonderful service … though it always is.  And it’s so nice to see our “church family” on special days like this.

Then the girls hunted for eggs that Texas Guy had hidden in the yard around our house.  They had so much fun!  They were telling me all about the different places they had found their eggs and something about Easter Bunny poop … What?!  …  I won’t share anymore.  Men have a sense of humor that I don’t always understand.

Then a last-minute idea struck oldest daughter and I.  Let’s take pics with the girls all dressed up in their pretty Easter dresses amongst all the bluebonnets that have popped up everywhere.  They are the state flower after all, here in this new home state of ours, and we didn’t do it last year.  And all I had left to do was prepare an entire Easter dinner.  So, of course, we did.  We piled everyone in the truck and drove past all of two houses and started seeing bluebonnets everywhere.  We kept going for about a mile, though, and found a spot we liked.  We took a few pics.  But, we were worried about time and the dinner still to make so we headed home.  We had fun, though.  And we got some nice pics.  So, we want to try again next weekend … earlier in the day … with no Easter dinner to make.

Speaking of dinner, it was a bit late, but delicious!  With full, happy bellies, we cleared the table.  Texas Guy and the younger girls were playing and wrestling loudly for a while until I realized it was well past their bedtime.  The girls’ bedtime, not Texas Guy’s.  Now that they were all wound up, I had to try to get them ready for bed … ugh.  Finally, they were in bed and all was quiet and I can sit and relax after a busy weekend.

Until Texas Guy realized that the 7-year old monkey had taken his wallet while they were playing and he couldn’t find it.  So, we start on our own Easter hunt.  We looked everywhere.  Then we had to wake up the 7-year old to ask her.  She said she set it on her bed … then she fell back asleep.  We searched their room, while they slept, completely zonked out.

Monday morning, the wallet is still missing.  I guess I know what I’m doing today.  And it won’t be any of the things I had planned.  Bummer.