First  …  an update from yesterday’s post.

I found Texas Guy’s wallet.  The 7-year old monkey had hidden it in the baby clothes and forgotten she had done it.  I was so relieved.

So was he.

So was she.


Second …

Texas Guy finished my kitchen floor last week.

And third …

There is so much I love about Texas.  Particularly this part of Texas.  Particularly this town.  And I do go on about it sometimes.

Then there was last night.

One of the things I really don’t like about it  (or maybe it’s more the fact that we are surrounded by nature, which normally I really enjoy) is the bugs, and snakes, and various creatures of all shapes and sizes.

More specifically, it’s their tendency to visit me  …  inside my home!  The two scorpions I came across, walking with my bare feet, on two separate occasions, in my laundry room last summer.  The snake that was sitting, fat and happy, not far from the back door where my children play.  And the regular appearance of ‘water bugs’.

That’s what had me shrieking in surprise last night.  Which was followed by my ranting on and on.  “I hate Texas!”, “What’s with all the stinkin’ bugs?!?!”, “What’s up with the stupid nature?!” (My ranting tends to make me sound very intelligent.), and “That’s it!!  We’re moving to a big city … where there’s lots of concrete!!”

Texas Guy went and picked the bug up … with his bare hands (Ugh! Eeek! Heebie jeebies! …  Ack!!!) … and got rid of it.

He’s relatively unphased by my ranting and raving over the “nature”.