Texas Guy was having problems with his cell phone.

It wouldn’t stay charged.

It also had a dark cloud looking thing on the center of the screen.

Then it wouldn’t charge at all sometimes.

Then it stopped charging all together.

Then he tried to fix it.  Because, as he’s always telling the girls, cowboys can fix anything.

Then he bought another phone.

When he called to have it activated they told him the usual … remove the battery and read the set of numbers they needed.

See the two bar codes at the bottom.  Now read the numbers above them.


Yeah.  That’s what I said when Texas Guy asked me to give it a try for him.

So I read them as best I could.

Then my eyes went crossed.

Texas Guy and I tried to remember if we had a magnifying glass somewhere, just to be sure … while the Customer Support guy waited.

The only magnifying glass I could remember was at my grandparents house … in the early 1970’s … they’ve both passed away  …  who knows who lives in that house … which is halfway across the country from me now.

My grandparents probably didn’t leave the magnifying glass with the new owners.  So I guess that’s not an option.

Then I thought to use my camera to take a picture of the numbers.  Then view it on the screen and zoom in.  It worked and I was really happy to find out that I has read it correctly.

Texas Guy got his phone turned on

And my eyes aren’t crossed anymore.