Sunday morning, I woke up and realized we had missed church.  This is a huge surprise.  Here’s why … ever since the baby arrived there’s really no sleeping in.  So, I haven’t needed to set an alarm for church on Sundays.

Apparently, I should.

Just in case.

When I finally emerged from my bedroom, the younger monkeys asked when we were leaving for church.  They were very disappointed when I told them what had happened.

Apparently, I should set an alarm.

Just in case.

Oldest daughter then reminded me that she needed to shop for her prom dress.  She wanted to look at thrift stores for a dress, or two, that I could help her create a dress from.  So we made last-minute plans to go into “the big city”.

It’s over an hour drive there, plus all the running around, and then the trek home … and all with a baby in tow.  With all these monkeys, plus the baby, just leaving the house is a challenge.  The entire day can be exhausting and frustrating.

Then, I realized what I absolutely love about my family.  The way we all work together.  We adapt when something comes up, plans need to be changed, detours need to be taken.  We all seem to try to have a good time, keep a good attitude.

Yesterday’s trip was a good one.  Sure the baby got fussy a couple of times while stuck in her car seat.  Yes, there were a couple of delays for feedings and diapers changes.  Of course, the younger monkeys disagreed on a few things.  A couple stops at stores yielded no purchases.  And a stop for dinner only to discover our preferred restaurant was closed.

But, we were blessed to spend the day together.  Oldest daughter found a dress that we can work with.  The thrift stores that had nothing to buy had plenty of “Oh my gosh!  Look at this!!” items.  (And that’s half the fun!)  I found some bags for all the monkeys that will make good Christmas presents, at a great price.

And I was reminded how amazing my family is.  How blessed I am.  How incredible life can be when you surround yourself with the right people who all work as a team to keep a good attitude and have a good time.

Our last trip to the city was a pretty rough one.  It was probably the worst trip the baby has ever had.  She was just unhappy all day.  Lots of crying in that car seat I call “the bucket”.  We were supposed to meet oldest daughter there … and she and her whole carload was delayed and we didn’t accomplish anything we needed to do with her.  We did successfully run our errands though.  But, we didn’t even meet up with her until dinner time.  By then end of the trip we were all beat.

But, in the midst of all that, is one of my life’s most favorite moments.  The baby had been crying.  There seemed to be traffic everywhere.  It was rather warm outside.  Oldest daughter was still hours away.  We were trying to find a place to stop and seemed to be missing turnoffs right and left.

We finally stopped at a park.  We got the best parking spot there, under a big shady tree.  The younger monkeys were able to get out and run around on the grass under the shade of the tree while I fed and changed the baby.  There was a little league baseball game getting underway and the girls watched them warm up.  And Texas Guy and I had a few minutes to talk while everyone was happy, busy, and didn’t need us … much.