When I was looking for a place to relocate to, one of the things I wanted was good walkability.  I enjoy having things close by and being able to walk there.  Things look different when you walk instead of drive.  My day feels better when I can walk.

Of course, there are times when walking is no fun at all.  With a small baby in tow, walking is no fun if the baby is unhappy.  If the weather isn’t nice, walking isn’t much fun for anyone.  And it takes longer to walk.  That can cause problems.  Especially for busy people.  Especially if proper planning isn’t done when necessary.

Our town has the potential for really great walkability.  If only it had sidewalks.  From our home, we can walk a half a mile to any of the schools, a mile to the center of town including the library and post office, a mile and a quarter to the Girl Scout House and a mile and a half to the grocery store.

Yesterday, I put the baby in the stroller and walked to the Girl Scout House to get the 7-year old.  I left a little late and had to hustle. And some guy driving a full size truck, busy talking on his cell phone, very nearly hit us.  It was terribly close.  Did I mention, this town needs sidewalks?!

However, the weather was nice.  Yay!  And the baby did really well.  She got fussy about halfway home.  So, we stopped in front of a church that had a bench under a big tree.  Perfect!  I fed the baby while the older monkey did her homework.  It was a nice, relaxing time.

Homework is more fun when you’re outside under a big shade tree.

And when you’re finished with your homework,

that tree makes for a great climb!