We are all so in love with our new little monkey, our baby girl.

And she loves us …

She loves her momma.

She loves her daddy.

She loves her sisters … all those sisters.

And as she is getting older, she’s starting to do those little things that melt all our hearts.

The smile when she sees us.

The cooing.

The excitement with her arms waving and legs kicking.

A baby’s love warms and melts your heart so immediately.

We are fortunate to be part of a family that doesn’t play favorites.

But babies don’t know that.

They can’t help it.

They just react with their feelings and aren’t capable of taking other’s feelings into consideration.

We all know and understand this.

So none of us are bothered to know that our sweet baby has a favorite.

Mr. Ceiling Fan

For him she always has a smile.

She will coo and “talk” to him more than anyone else in our family.

In her cooing and “talking” you can hear her joy and heartfelt love and admiration expressed more enthusiastically than with anyone else.

If she’s crying and catches a glimpse of him she will stop to coo, even if for just a moment before she goes right back to fussing.

He joins us in most of the rooms of our home.  And even showed up at dinner when we stopped for pizza last night.

He was wearing brown.  But, she recognized him right away.  And she seemed to really approve of the new color he was wearing.

We all love her tremendously.

So we’re not hurt when she plays favorites.

Not much.