Patience is such an important ability to have when parenting.

A parent’s patience makes all the difference to a child.

A parent’s patience makes all the difference to that particular parent’s sanity.

And this post has absolutely nothing to do with patience in parenting.

Do you feel your patience with me slipping now?

Sorry.  I couldn’t help myself.

OK … Really, I wanted to thank you for your patience with me.

Like I’ve mentioned before but haven’t had time to go into detail about, I have been very busy lately.  Busy with life, children, babies, dogs (OK, just one … thank goodness!), housework (as much as possible), diapers, forgotten field trip permission slips (I got it to her but I still feel awful about that.), some sort of unfortunate stomach/intestinal uprising, breastfeeding, watching Texas Guy mow the lawn (or do just about anything else.  It’s time-consuming.), freaking out about all the stinkin’ creepy bugs here in Texas, and fumbling birthdays (Texas Guy celebrated his by doing nothing.  I really missed the mark trying to pull that together.  And my now 8-year old monkey is still waiting for cupcakes in  her classroom and a party.  She’s practicing patience with me, too.)

With all that and finally recovering from being sick, I started tackling a week of neglected housework and turned it into a Spring Cleaning.  I’m halfway through it.

I love Spring Cleaning so much that I do it twice a year!

(Please enjoy this hold music while I go clean up.  The baby just spit up  …  all down my arm … and UP my leg and UP my dress.  How does that happen?! …

…  OK, I’m back.  Thank you.  For your patience.)

Parenting can be challenging.  Everyone knows that.  And then some of it can be fun, heart-warming, or just plain weird.

This morning, I hear my 8-year old monkey remind the 5-year old monkey that she shouldn’t lick the syrup off her plate.  It’s just not good manners.

But it sounded less a nice reminder and more a barked order.

The 8-year old then proceeded to immediately tell me what her sister was doing.

I quickly reviewed with her – You can kindly remind your sister, just once.  However, you do not need to tell me unless there is an emergency, if someone or something is in danger.

To which the 5-year old pipes up with an example – “Yeah. It’s not like my butt’s on fire.”

….  I’m going to go put my feet up now, eat some ice cream, and relish in the bang-up parenting job I have done.

World, you can rest at ease now.

My children are fully prepared to take over.

Your future is in good hands.