My oldest monkey, my 20-year old son, and my soon-to-be 18-year old daughter were 9- and 11-years old.  They were standing around the dining room table.  There, in the center of a dinner plate, was a bug they had found.

It had a round head and a nearly round, but slightly oblong shaped, body.  It had rather long antennae and multiple legs.  I don’t like bugs.  I really don’t like bugs.  So, I tried not to look too closely.  Therefore, I’m not sure exactly how many legs it had.  (Eeekies!)  It was a red-orange color with yellow, misshapen spots on it.  …  And it almost looked happy.  If bugs can look happy.

My son was telling me how amazing this bug was – that it could eat a lot.  A whole lot.  Obviously, I’m finding this hard to believe … and I’m completely creeped out by the bug.  (I don’t like bugs.)  My son insists that it’s true and wants to prove it to me.  We’re a goofy bunch, the three of us.  And we like to run with goofy ideas when they come to us.  (It’s fun.)

I was about to make dinner, so I agreed to let him show me how much the bug could eat.  I wanted proof.  He pulls out a menu he had written.  This is so like him.  Whenever he planned or prepared a meal, it was oftentimes accompanied by a menu.  Enchiladas  – perfect, that was what I was planning to make.  Chips and salsa – I didn’t have the necessary items for that, I felt really bad about that … and wondered why I felt so bad.

The three of us quickly made dinner.  We all worked well in the kitchen together, even though it was a very, very small kitchen.  And we all like to cook.  The enchiladas looked and smelled delicious.  We couldn’t wait to eat.  But, first, my son was eager to show how much this bug could eat.

He placed an entire enchilada on the plate in front of the bug.  Much to my surprise and disbelief, the bug started to eat the enchilada.  More surprising was watching it eat the enchilada.  It’s head would pulsate with each bite, getting slightly larger for a moment and then go back to its original size.  All the while making this loud, but funny, sucking, slurping sort of noise.  …  And, somehow, the bug looked happy.

Then I woke up.  …  My newest little monkey, the 3-month old baby, was in her crib, with as many fingers as she could fit in her mouth, sucking away (making her loud, but funny, sucking, slurping sort of noises), ready for her midnight feeding.

… And yesterday was Cinco de Mayo.  I had planned to make enchiladas (as well as my grandmother’s Spanish rice, and beans).  The day didn’t work out as planned and we had leftovers instead.  We were all disappointed.  And I felt really bad.

As for the rest, I can’t explain it.

…  If you’re curious, the bug ate that entire enchilada.

…  And it looked really happy.