I had a good weekend.

Nothing spectacular.  But it was just a plain ol’, good weekend.

I couldn’t wait to share it with you.

So, by Monday morning I was ready to start typing.

I needed to put my recent pics on my computer first.  But, I was ready to go.

Then Monday morning, my newest little monkey woke up stuffy.

She has a tiny stuffy nose.  Poor monkey.  Otherwise, she seems to feel just fine.  Thank goodness.  But that stuffy nose is just enough to make her a little fussier and want to be held a little more.

So, sharing my weekend with you was not the only thing I didn’t get done.

Then my 8-year old monkey came home from school with a fever and an upset stomach.

Then Texas guy came home from work with a fever and his stomach had already upset itself during the day.  …  And he just kept working.  …  I would have laid down and slept.  And moaned.  Right where I was.  …  He’s a trooper.

Today, the tiny monkey is still stuffy.  The 8-year old is bouncing back faster than us older folks would have.  (It always makes me feel old when I see how much faster those youngsters recover.)  And Texas Guy is sleeping.  …  So, I’m going to try to tell you about my weekend.

Where you wondering if I was ever going to get to it?

Saturday morning I took the three youngest monkeys to the library.

This in itself makes for a just plain, good ol’ day.  I absolutely love the library.

I love it so much, it needs its own post.

We returned, renewed, and checked out new books and movies.

(I’m working very hard on not going off on a tangent with my love for the library.)

We also visited with our most favorite librarian on the entire planet.

(She needs her own post, too.)

That right there would have made for a plain ol’ good day.  …  But, there’s more.

Then we walked from the library to the courthouse square for an event scheduled at high noon.

OK … off on a tiny tangent … The center of town in our tiny town is what I first fell in love with.  Alright.  I’ll have to save it for another post. … But, I just want to say, that as much as I love it, I love it even more when we walk through it rather than drive.

At high noon, there was a reenactment of a dispute that happened here many years ago between two families.  Our mayor (I think it was, I couldn’t see him) gave a brief oral history.  There was a disagreement.  There was shooting.  There were casualties and death.

Then we watched the reenactment.

It was quick and action packed.  It was informative and educational.  The players were dressed in period clothing and they put on a fantastic performance.

And it was just a plain ol’ good time.

I thoroughly enjoy and appreciate this town’s respect and enthusiasm for its history.  I’ve never experienced anything like it.

Afterwards, there were free Roy Rogers and Dale Evans movies showing across the street at the historic theater  …  and free popcorn and lemonade (The girls chose pink lemonade, of course.)

The combination – the movies, the venue, the snacks (the ‘free’) – made for an enchanted afternoon.  We were transported back in time  …  watching Roy Rogers, in black and white, riding horses  …  sitting in that old historic theater with the ticket window out front under the marquee, the lobby with the snack counter and the drinking fountain in the corner, the cry room in the back to one side, and the single screen theater has the most amazing ceiling.

Just plain ol’ good fun!!!

Our baby monkey got a little squirmy, so I went out to the theater lobby for a moment where she proceeded to recruit new members for her collection of local grandmas.  She always seems to find the best ones.

All this fun … and I forgot to take pictures.

Can you believe it?!

It happens sometimes.

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