← Just Plain Ol’ Good – Part I

When we got home, Texas Guy met us in the driveway and immediately insisted I check my email.

Then he repeated his suggestion (more in command form … that’s just the way he is).

Then he repeated it again.

Then once or twice more.

I lost count.

By then, I believe I told him to check my email himself if he’s so intent on it getting checked now.

But, I checked it.

He had emailed a lovely letter to me.  (Welcome to the 21st century.)

His letter was just plain ol’ good for my heart.

Then, he had me find my Mother’s Day present.

Notice he had me find it.  Because finding involves no wrapping at all.  😉

And notice he gave it to me a day early.  He has no patience.  Zero.  Especially when it comes to presents.

Well, maybe especially when it comes to everything.

So, I ask, “Is it bigger than a breadbox?”

He says, “It’s bigger than a breadbox and smaller than the house.”

Really?  Really?!

OK, so with helpful hint in my head, I head off with him hot on my heels saying “You’re getting hotter.  Your getting colder.  Hot hot hot.  Colder.  Colder.” Until I finally found it.

For twenty years I have been using a handheld mixer with thin beaters … like a wire whisk, but only four wires on each beater.  It doesn’t work well for much at all.  And many years ago the beaters no longer stayed in.  So I said a little Broken Mixer prayer before using it each time with the hopes that the beaters wouldn’t fly out and impale someone.

I’m not joking.

At all.

So there, in its hiding spot, with nary a bow atop, was a stand mixer!

(Not that I mind the lack of wrapping.  I do appreciate a beautifully wrapped item.  But, I can’t help but think of that poor tree.  Gone.  …  So, when next I hand you a gift wrapped in a pillowcase, that I will need back by bedtime, you’ll know why.)

I have wanted a stand mixer for twenty years.  Twenty years.  I am thrilled.  I like to bake and cook.  I like to make everything from scratch.  And I can’t count how many times I make something and while mixing it, know that it won’t come out as it really should.  Or sometimes, I skip a recipe all together because I really need an actual mixer.  One with real beaters at the very least.

I cant wait to use it!

I can’t wait for all the plain ol’ good food it will help me make!

(The mixer, and that letter, was probably much easier for Texas Guy to pull off than building that doghouse he was going to need after our brief, yet effective, argument we had had that morning.  He’s smart, that one.)

Then … Oh my!  Look at the time!

It was time to help oldest daughter get ready for prom.

Prom!!  Wheee!!  I went to all my high school dances and loved them all!  This was going to be fun!

First, she needed a haircut.

I’ve been cutting the monkey’s hair since my first one was born.  (You all know how long ago that was by now.  No need to repeat it.)  I love doing it.  I’m surprisingly good at it.  And of all the monkeys, it was my only son (not the girls) that had the constantly changing hairstyles.  But, it was fun to try to learn how to do it.

So, I cut her hair.  Curled it.  Helped her with her dress.  And helped her boyfriend with his tie.

…  Roll pictures, please!!

She had emailed a few links to pics of the style dress she wanted.

She wanted it to be white.

And she wanted to do this thing we love to do – Go to thrift stores, find a dress (or two, or three), and turn it into what she wants.

Thrift store shopping is just plain ol’ good fun!!  Even if you don’t buy anything, there never fails to be plenty of “Oh my gosh!  Look at this!!”

Here’s the dress we found.

It had great potential.  …  I just had to help her see the potential.  …  But, it never takes us long to end up on the same page.  The zipper in the back had been torn out on one side and many of the teeth on the zipper were bent.  (Someone must have really wanted to fit into it and get it zipped up.)

We put our heads together, and she did all the work herself this time.  I’m so proud of her.

And here it is after …

She removed the black lace on the bodice but opted to keep it under the skirt and the black ribbon on the waist.

She removed the zipper.  I bought a piece of fabric – but small town can mean small selection and so it was bright white.  I told her how to dye it in tea and I think it looks much better.  We sewed it into the space where the zipper was, and helped the dress that was a bit too small, fit perfectly.  We sewed black ribbon loops into each side and then laced it up.


Boyfriend needed a little help, too.  I tied his tie for him and put it on.  Then we realized it was wrinkled.

Oh, yes I did.

I’m a busy woman.  And the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, people!

And they’re ready to go … “Say cheese!”

(Take a moment to notice my poor plant in the background, struggling to survive.  …  Here’s my stand on this:  My children are still alive.  So, I’m doing good!  …  Feel free to adopt this perspective.  It will set you free!)

Here’s what I like about boyfriend.

He fits right into the family.

He doesn’t hesitate for a moment to be goofy.

Makes for some plain ol’ good laughs.

Example to follow.  …  Read on.  Read on.  (I’m almost done.  Well, for today.  I promise.)

The next day was Sunday.  And I started it my most favorite way to start any day.

At church with my family.

It’s just plain ol’ good!

I absolutely love Mother’s Day.

Not only do I love my mother,  (She’s an awesome mom!  And as far as grandmas go, she’s a hit!)  I’m always so amazed at how blessed I am to be a mother.  If there is anything better on this earth, I don’t know what it is.  And though I’m certain I don’t deserve such incredible blessings as my extraordinary children, am so immensely grateful.

Then, Mother’s Day or not, we needed to do our weekly grocery trip in town.

Oftentimes, just Texas Guy, the baby, and I go.  But, this time, we all went.

Spending time together, even if it is grocery shopping, is an opportunity that goes fleeting by.  To miss these opportunities is just plain ol’ … ummm … the opposite of smart.  😉

And if we hadn’t, we would have missed this plain ol’ good laugh …

Here’s boyfriend.

He’s this tall.

But when I got out of the Suburban, I turned around and he looked much (much) shorter!

HAHAHA!  It still makes me laugh!