Our newest, baby monkey has this sad face that appeared not long after she was born.

Every now and then it shows up.

Usually without warning.

I wish I could get some really good pictures of it.

It’s all so very slow and gradual.

It starts out slow with the bottom lip.

And she just looks at you with those eyes.

Then, slowly, it deepens,

as the top lip sucks in and the bottom lip pouts even more.

By now you’re doing everything you can to turn that frown upside down.

Because if you don’t,

It moves to those big, beautiful eyes that have been looking right at you the whole time.

Then you start begging her to stop.

Because next, that little chin starts to quiver.

At which point, I’m a puddle on the floor.

I can’t take it.

And as for Texas Guy …

… It’s enough to break any cowboy’s heart.

Sad Face  😦 – Continued →