← Sad Face  😦

I have so very much to do today.

So very much.

Cooking, cleaning, paperwork, photos, and …  of course, laundry.

Lots and lots of laundry.

Have I mentioned how much I absolutely love the machines in my laundry room?

I’ll tell you about it someday.

I know you’re excited to hear that.

You don’t have to tell me you are.

But, before I get started I wanted to share something with you.

Remember the pics I posted on the Sad Face : ( post?

This cracks me up …

Here’s her daddy.

OMGosh!  The similarity in their expressions makes me laugh!

Even when I try to ignore the rest of the picture, which makes me laugh all by itself, I laugh.

That didn’t make sense.  …  But, I’m not going to try to rewrite it.  …  Let’s continue.  (I have laundry to do.)

We were camping.

When I returned from the bathroom, or the shopping mall, or the spa … oh, wait, we were camping.  It was probably the bathroom.

As I was saying, when I returned from the bathroom, I found Texas Guy making breakfast.  (Note to self: camp more often so Texas Guy will make breakfast for me.)

He was cooking bacon in a pan with a plastic fork.

OMGoodness … it still makes me laugh!

Oh. I said that already.

But, it does.

OK, I have pulled myself together.

Let’s continue …

And I walk up and he’s wearing this sad face and holding up his fork.

At which point, I’m laughing and trying to take a picture.  Which doesn’t work because my eyes get all squinty and I can’t see what I’m taking a picture of but then when I stop laughing so I can see, I start laughing all over again.  Do you see my problem here?!

Anyway … There’s his sad face …  that I’m laughing at … not very nice, huh.  I can’t help it.

And then there’s the knowledge that he was cooking bacon with a plastic fork.  …  Oh no, I feel the giggles starting to bubble up again  …  focus  …  forge ahead  …

And then there’s the fork …

Each of the tines of the fork, curled up like the wicked witch’s feet, that are sticking out from under the house, when the ruby slippers are taken off.




I have pulled myself back up.

Wiped the tears of laughter off my face.

…  And I have nothing left to say.

The laughter has cleared my brain!

What in the world was I talking about?!

Well … I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Maybe you’ll even get a laugh or two.

Or at least a little smile.

I’m going to go do that laundry!