Once a week, Texas Guy and I spend some time together.

Just the two of us.

Until the newest monkey was born.  Now she goes with us.  But, usually, the rest of the monkeys stay home.

Life can be hectic and busy.

There are so many distractions.

And we can easily forget to make the truly important people in our lives a priority.

So, each week, we head out together,

just the two of us,

now just the three of us,

and we go into town

to go grocery shopping.

OK.  So, it’s not romantic.

But it’s about as romantic as Texas Guy gets.

Maybe some day I’ll tell you about our last date.

Here’s the thing …

Texas Guy hates grocery shopping.

He’s a guy.  I think most guys dislike shopping of any kind.

But last year, when I had my usual ‘morning’ sickness that doesn’t know how to tell time so it just hangs around 24/7 for four months, I needed Texas Guy to drive me into town.  I needed him to help me in the store, too.  But he hates shopping.  And since then, there have been various reasons why I needed him to drive me or it simply made life much easier.  So he did.

But he hates shopping.  So he gets cranky.  And complains.  Before.  During.  After.

And whenever possible, which was most of the time, he sits in the truck while I shop.

I don’t enjoy the complaining or the cranky sitting next to me.  And I swore I’d never be one of those older couples you see at the store where the man drops his wife off and then sits in the car and waits.  But life doesn’t always work out the way you want it to.

And then oftentimes I would get cranky, too.  I don’t enjoy the weekly grocery trip either.  I’m not thrilled about planning meals for a week at a time.  And I don’t find excitement in making the grocery list.  And then I would get angry or resentful – Why can’t he consider me and my feelings about this before he complains?  This isn’t the only part of my week, or day for that matter, that isn’t much fun.  …  And it would spiral from there.

So, there we were.  The both of us cranky.

One day I decided to try to change my perspective of the situation so that maybe these trips didn’t leave me feeling so sad.  Here’s what I found.

1. I love that these trips give us time together.  Even if it is grocery shopping.

2. If we stop and get food, Texas Guy is usually more enjoyable to be with.

We tried a number of places in town.  We found that the best option for us, out with a new baby, was someplace with a drive-thru.  In case she is sleeping, crying, needs a diaper, or wants to eat.  And eating in the truck – in the parking lot or on the road – works best for us, for now.  And some of the places just didn’t taste so good.

And so each week, we end up eating at the same place.

And each week, we usually end up ordering from the same guy at the drive-thru window.

Isn’t he adorable?!

Texas Guy tells me, “No.  Guys aren’t adorable.”

But I think he is.

He’s always cheerful.  And our order is usually correct.  The food is yummy.  And most importantly, it makes Texas Guy happier.

Sometimes we laugh about our routine.  Very routine.  Not very exciting.

But, I’m grateful for the time that we get to spend together.

I’m grateful for Texas Guy’s help.

Even if it is oftentimes from the parking lot.

Because when he does shop with me, I end up with all kinds of stuff in the cart that is not good for our finances or our health.  …  On occasion, when I have been really sick, he has offered to do the grocery shopping himself.  Isn’t that sweet?  Then I envision him returning with lots of meat, no produce, and all the fixings for Frito Pie.  (I didn’t even know this existed!  It does!  And restaurants make it!  And people pay for it!  And they eat it!)  Eeekies!

And Texas Guy doesn’t get so cranky about it anymore.

It’s been about a week now.  Time for me to plan our meals for the next week, make a grocery list, and get all gussied up for our date!