Talking about pet peeves the other day,

and in a somewhat related way kind of sort of but maybe not really about manners yesterday

I thought of something.

This could have easily become a pet peeve

if I had let it.

But where’s the fun in that?

Let me explain.

Texas Guy has, at current count, of those only in our home at the moment, …

13 baseball hats

2 cowboy hats

1 fishing hat

1 hard hat

… and only 1 head.

So, it might lead a person to wonder … with just one head, how many hats do you really need?


shall we take a moment to look at our shoe or handbag collection?

Aaaaah.  It makes much more sense now … doesn’t it?!

So, we can’t say a thing.

But, I find his “lids”, as he calls them, lying around everywhere.


One lived in the bathroom for a year.

No joke.

When he’d get ready to go out I’d hear him say “Where’s my lid?”

He’d give a quick look around, and then just grab another off the hat rack by the door, and leave.

And I would watch that lid ride out the front door atop his head and know I would see it again someday soon,

lying around somewhere

not on a head (unless the children were playing with it)

and not where it belongs, … on the hat rack.

Then, one appeared here,

… hanging by the sink.

Every time I used the sink, there it was,

right in my face,

a reminder that Texas Guy leaves his lids everywhere,

doesn’t put them away.

How’s that for stinkin’ thinkin’?!

As soon as I noticed what I was thinking and did a quick attitude check, I realized …

This lid is here because Texas Guy had done the dishes for me a week or so before.

And I so very much appreciated his help that night.

And right then, I absolutely loved having that lid hanging there.

Eventually, there comes a time (usually when he realizes they’re spread out everywhere and he can’t find them) when he will round-up most of his hats and hang them by the door again.

Even the “bathroom hat” was retrieved.

One day, so was the one by the sink.

I was so very sad.