My Baby Girl

My second child

My first daughter

My first and only child to throw an all out fit in public

My only child who decided, at the age of 3, that she was in charge … of everything.

And made absolutely everything during each and every day for an entire year a power struggle.

The only child I prayed and cried about every night for a year.

And the reason I, for the first and only time, considered the possibility of boarding school for one of my offspring.

That very child grew into an amazing young woman.

We are so very close.

Like peanut butter and jelly, as one of her friends pointed out.

That child, my Baby Girl, recently graduated from high school and has now left the nest.

She’s four hours away from us now.

The whole family piled into our vehicles, loaded down with stuff, and moved her into her new home this past weekend.

We are all so sad.

We miss her terribly.

I woke up this morning and immediately felt the empty spot in the arms reach part of my life and just wanted to cry.

I knew I would miss her.

I will miss so very many things about having her in the same home with me every day.

But, the morning we left, I was showering and saw the shelf that we keep our skin care on.

I was so surprised to find that realizing this would be the last time I shower with both our skin care bottles together on the shelf would make me so very very sad.

Isn’t that funny?!

This morning, after waking and feeling her so far away from me, I showered.

There, on our shelf, my shelf, was the empty spot where her skin care was.

I imagine, that empty spot on the shelf looks a lot like the empty spot in the arms reach part of my world.