My parents came to visit a couple of weeks ago.

That and a handful of other big happenings in my life, like the graduation of my oldest daughter, moving her to her new home hours away, those busy last days of school that included multiple field trips, a child with a fever in the midst of it all, our newest baby’s dedication at church which happened to also be the Sunday I am scheduled to bring food, and much much more, has kept me too busy to blog.

And I have missed it.

I have so much to share with you.

Back to my parents’ visit …

When we lived in California we would see them about once a month.  Sometimes more often.

Since we moved to Texas, we saw them last October for the first time.  And again this month.

We have missed them so much.

8 months is a long time.

I plan my meals a week at a time and then make a big grocery trip to town.  Therefore, food needs to be used in a timely manner whenever possible.

On their second night here, I realized I needed to use the meat I had bought for burgers.

But, I was so busy with the baby who was requiring more of my attention than usual that day, my oldest daughter’s graduation was the next day, and the middle girls had one day left of school after a field trip for one and a fever for the other that day.


I checked in with Texas Guy.

He was busy as well and would be home late.

So, I asked my dad if he would BBQ the burgers for me.

Trying to get dinner on the table on time, I quickly threw the burgers together while he got the BBQ started.

With everything else going on, I didn’t pay any attention to the winds that were picking up or the sky that was getting darker by the minute as large gray clouds rolled in.

In the middle of preparing dinner, I finally noticed.

I asked my dad what he thought and we decided to just go ahead and try to cook the burgers … if the BBQ would stay hot enough.

By the time Dad put the burgers on the grill it was very very windy and it had started to rain just a little.

See all the drops that hit the side of the house … even though it’s covered … because of the wind.

Well, have I mentioned how the sky just seems to open up all of a sudden here with storms in the Hill Country?

Being sharp and quick like I am, after sending my dad out to put the burgers on the grill and making sure he made it back inside without being blown away … oh, and after taking a few pictures, because some things are important and just need to be done … , I thought we might check the weather report.

Hmmm … storm advisories for the area … and other various details.

(Note to self: Check the weather before planning to BBQ for dinner.)

Well, the burgers were already out there.  So, we crossed our fingers hoping they would cook.

And then sent Dad back out to retrieve them.

He served in Vietnam and raised three children (well, with a great deal of help from my mother … and we were all a piece of cake to raise, I’m sure).

He could certainly handle a little rain,

and a few strong breezes (or winds I guess might be more accurate).

Oh, and thunder.

Followed by lightning (which,  moments later, I swear I saw lightning hit ground right across the highway from our house.  And the thunder sounded like it was sitting at the dinner table waiting for those burgers.  It’s something I’ll never forget!!)

Besides, I was out there too, bravely taking pictures  …  from a fairly dry spot on the covered patio somewhat guarded from the winds  …  but I still think I was very brave.

The burgers were delicious.

Two hours later Dad’s shirt was still wet.

And I noticed that the girls must have purposefully or accidentally gotten bubble solution on the yard.

See all the bubbles where the water was pouring off the roof and puddling.

…  I wonder if it will be another 8 months until my parents venture back out here.