Our baby’s dedication at church was a couple of weeks ago.

She wore the same gown that has been worn by all three of the other girls as well as myself.

After cleaning it and preparing to put it away, I paused to admire it.

Taking a good look at it, I noticed the color.

I don’t remember it ever being very white.  It was once.  But it has yellowed a bit over the years.

The fabric is a bit thin.  I wondered if it was always this thin or if that is another effect of the years that have passed.

And in a few small places I noticed some threads that are loose, broken.

Yet, still, I think it is absolutely beautiful.

And with all the history and sentiment it holds, this small article of clothing means so much to our family.

Then I began to think.

This gown is as old as I am.

I can only hope to age as beautifully as this gown.

And, dare I, hope to mean so very much to my family.