Life is busy.  And when you have a sickie kid in the house, life gets busier.

Also, sickie kids oftentimes require attention at all hours of the day and night.  And the sleeping hours of each 24 set is when my functioning abilities are at their very lowest.  Very low.

Those are some of the reasons why I find it necessary to keep records of each sickie kid.

I’ve used loose papers, notebooks, whatever I can get my hands on.  Then my mom gave me these folders that her office was throwing away.

I have one for each child.

Inside I keep papers and record details each time they’re sick.

I record the date …

The time for anything – taking temps, giving meds, any changes in the sickie kid, etc.

It’s so helpful.

Especially during those sleeping hours when my functioning abilities are so very very low.

Especially during the waking hours when I would have so much trouble remembering the details of the sleeping hours.

Especially when the sickies are affecting more than one child, or even myself.

And a benefit that I wasn’t expecting when I started doing this 20 years ago, was that I can go back through the records and notice patterns.

When my oldest child was young he would get croup.  It started the very first year after we had moved to a desert area.  It happened once a year after that until we moved. It happened exactly 7 days after our first cold spell would hit.  And the last year we were there, the weather turned cold and 7 days later he had croup … then we had an unseasonably warm two weeks … it turned cold again … and 7 days later he had croup, again.  Having these records enabled me to look back and confirm what I had remembered.  Then I was able to recognize the pattern as well as the progression of it which was always the same for him and how best to treat each stage of it based on what had worked in the past.

I was able to do the same with my second child who got bronchitis three times in one year.  These records helped me to find the pattern and pinpoint the problem.

…  Another thing I do each time I have a sickie in the house is take a look at the medicines we have on hand and dispose of any that are past its expiration date.  I’ve made this a habit and now I can remember, even during those sleeping hours.