Texas Guy has a few very close friends.

He has more than a few friends, but he has a few that are most important.

Don’t we all?

Jaime is one of those friends.

Last time we saw him he was explaining why his name is written Jaime but pronounced Jamie and is actually James. There may have been more, but by then I was thoroughly confused.  I think, the truth is, he is part of the witness relocation program.  …  In which case, sorry about posting your pic for all to see, Jaime.

A while ago we took a trip into town together.  The baby and I sat in the back seat.  It was a great place to sit and observe.

Even though these two who have only known each other a few years, look absolutely nothing alike, and have quite a few differences, when watching them interact together you would be sure they are very closely related and grew up together.

They can be so silly.

It was warm in the back so I asked Texas Guy to turn the air up for the baby and I.

Unbeknownst to be, the guys were freezing up in front where all the vents are.

I was just sitting in the back, observing the two of them, and taking pictures.

I should have suspected something when Texas Guy turned an air vent away from himself.

He’s always complaining that it’s too hot.  Unless he has the air conditioner set high enough in the truck that we are all searching for blankets.  On one trip, the 5-year-old was curled up under a burp cloth to try to stay warm because it was the only spare fabric to be found.  At home, Texas Guy is comfortable when the air is up high enough that we are all bundled up in layers of clothing wishing we owned parkas and I start considering taking out a loan or a part-time job to pay our electric bill.

But, I didn’t realize anything was going on until …

Jaime, who was also freezing, reached over to turn the vent away from himself and Texas guy grabbed his arm to stop him.

By the end of the trip I began to wonder …

Are men really just 12-year-old boys in large grown up bodies?

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