School is out and our schedules are a bit easier.

Baby Girl has graduated and she and the baby monchichi have moved out, leaving life a little less busy and a room to take care of.

So, I had GRAND plans to clean out, clean up, regroup, organize, catch up, etc.

I was doing well, too.  Until I got sick.  Progress came to a stop.  It’s picking up again, but slowly.

The girls, however, have tackled almost every project I had for them in this effort.  I envy their healthy, youthful, energetic bodies right now.  Really though, they are amazing.  I can ask them to do anything, without warning, while they are in the middle of playing or watching TV and they will stop right away and go do it without much complaint (there have been a few).  And some of the tasks have been huge clean up jobs that took a couple of hours.  But, they just kept at it, worked together.  They rock!!

But, I can’t sit around doing nothing.  So when I’m required to rest, I have started looking at the computer.  And today I think I’ll start on a To-Do I have had on my list for a while.  …  Giving my blog a little structure.

It started with posts … one after the other.

Then I started adding pages, playing around with categories, in case someone wanted to read about a certain subject.  …  Or something like that.

But, first I came across the Ratings feature.  Now you can rate each post at the bottom.

Then, back to my original thought … I’ve been toying with the idea of sectioning my posts under Love, Laughter, Life, and Laundry (because of the blog name, of course).  I could just do the usual: Recipes, Home, etc.  But, I thought this other way might be fun.  Unfortunately, my brain keeps stalling out.  Poor brain.  I blame the sickness.  I’m sure I normally function much much better.  Much.  So … I would really really appreciate your feedback on this.  Please tell me what you think.  Check out the cute poll below.  And as always, please feel free to leave comments.  I love reading them.  And they can be so helpful.

Thank you!!