A mom knows.

She just does.

It’s part of the brilliance in the design of a mom.

She knows when her child is sick just by looking at her child or hearing him.

She recognizes her baby’s cry and just knows what she needs.

She knows when her child needs a hug.

And she knows what her child is up to without even looking.

Last Saturday, our family went to a wedding.

It was nearly an hour away.  And it was a beautiful day for a drive through the Texas Hill Country.  It was clear and sunny.  The brilliant green of the trees against the wonderful blue of the skies with the bright white of the fluffy clouds that dotted the sky were a treat for the eyes.

I sat in the truck enjoying the scenery as Texas Guy drove and the girls rode in the back.  The baby was happy.  That always makes for a good trip.  And our Sweet Pea and Bug are amazing travelers.  Amazing.  So, of course they were nice and quiet in the back – keeping an eye on the baby for us and enjoying the trip as well.

When we got back from the wedding, I put all the pictures we had taken on the computer.

Apparently the girls found the camera in the diaper bag.

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Sometimes a mom knows  …  when she’s driving and has one of those mirrors that lets her see what’s going on in the backseat.

Which I don’t have in the truck.