I’m still in the midst of trying to organize everything in my home.

Most of its paperwork.

I’d rather be cleaning.

I’d rather be blogging.

But, I thought I’d get to work on organizing this blog first  …  while I’m in organizing mode.

But, I’ve got lots on my tired brain and it seems to be objecting to making decisions.  And somehow, this week of summer vacation has been busier than a school week.  My sweet baby noticed our busy week and has been requesting more attention.  Day and night.  I’m exhausted just thinking about it.

So, I was hoping you would help me.


Here’s where we are now …

The votes for pages, or categories, favored using Love, Laughter, Life, and Laundry.

Decision made!  Thanks to your help!!

Now, I’d really appreciate your input as to where you would expect to find certain items.

After this, I am going to make sure Sweet Pea and Bug haven’t washed away in the constant rain we are having.  They’ve been playing on the back patio for quite a while now.

And then I’m hoping to try to recreate one of Texas Guy’s favorite store-bought cookies.  Because I think homemade is usually best.  And because cooking is not sorting through the papers that I really can’t get my brain to wake up and do.  And, I’m hoping the cookies will be so delicious that he will be too busy enjoying them to notice how little I got done.

Here’s what I’m thinking:

• Love would be a good page for posts related to relationships.

• Laughter page for  … ?!

• Life might be a good page for the CA City Girl in Small Town TX page posts … and … ?!

• Laundry for all the household stuff I do around here … like cooking (recipes)

Pleeeaaase help me out!

Give me your input on the poll below … and leave comments  …  like where the heck do I put all the posts that are just my random thoughts, observations, ramblings?!

Thank you!!