I hate to post two recipes in a row and risk boring some of you.

But, please don’t run off. …

We really like yogurt.

A lot.

A whole lot.

And we eat it just about every day.

And I cook with it as well.

So we go through a lot of yogurt.

Homemade yogurt costs much less than store-bought.

And it’s so easy to do.

I have had a yogurt maker for years.  But, I would get a little frustrated with my inability to fill those containers with the warm milk without spilling much of it.  And the containers in my yogurt maker are made of plastic.  With all the questions regarding using plastic for food and drink, I’ve just stopped using plastic until someone can figure it all out for me.  …  But, making my own yogurt is so great.  I missed it.

Then I figured out how to make it in the crock-pot!!!

The crock-pot is one of my favorite kitchen tools!

And now it’s even easier to make yogurt!  (I didn’t think this was possible!)

I am so excited!!!!

I can’t wait to share this with you!

Happy yogurt making!!!

(I don’t have a picture for you.  I was so very very excited, I lost track of all my good senses.  But, I just don’t have the patience to wait to post this.  So, I’ll add a pic later.)


For a 6-quart crock-pot:

12 cups milk

(that’s 3/4 of a gallon –  or a half-gallon plus 1/2 of a half-gallon … just trying to help)

3/4 cup powdered milk (if using nonfat milk)

3/4 cup plain yogurt with active/live cultures

(this is your “starter”, you’ll save some of the yogurt you make to make your next batch, and so on)

For a 4-quart crock-pot:

8 cups milk (a half-gallon)

1/2 cup powdered milk (if using nonfat milk)

1/2 cup plain yogurt with active/live cultures

(I hope you can do the math from here for any crock-pot of a different size.

Also, the process takes a long time, but there is virtually no effort, and I’ll tell you how I timed it in my day just for an example.  You can figure out how it best fits in your day.)

Pour the milk into the crock-pot and cook on low for 2 1/2 hours.  (Don’t open the lid.)

Turn the crock-pot off and unplug it.  Let it sit for 3 hours.  (Don’t open the lid.)

(Now you can open the lid.)  If you used nonfat milk, add the powdered milk and stir until dissolved.  Take about 3 cups of the milk out of the crock-pot and put it in a bowl.  Whisk the yogurt into the milk that’s in the bowl until combined, smooth.  Pour the milk-yogurt mixture back into the crock-pot and stir together.

Put the lid back on.  Wrap the whole unplugged crock-pot in a big, thick towel.  Let sit for 7 hours.

That’s it!!  It’s done!!  How easy is that?!?!

OK.  So, here’s how I time it …

I start it at 5:30pm (I’m here making dinner anyway).

At 8pm I unplug it (the kids are in bed and I’m here anyway).

At 11pm I wrap it in a towel and go to bed.  (That’s a late night for me, so I did it on a Friday night.  This is my wild and crazy Friday nights.)

By 6am, it’s done … and I’m up with the baby.

But it’s easy, takes almost no time at all, and isn’t an inconvenience.

(Or, if you want to do it during the day, your schedule might look something like this … start at 7:30am – 10am – 1pm – 8pm.

What to do with all this yogurt …

Store the yogurt in the fridge for 7-10 days in containers.  (Reserve the amount you need to start your next batch.)

(I reused pickle jars.  I’m hoping to buy some Weck canning jars.  I think they’re fantastic and perfect!  I can’t decide between the 1/2 L Tulip or Mold style jars.  My budget says I have more time to think about it.)

If you want your yogurt to be a bit thicker, even as thick as the Greek-style yogurt  …  line a colander with coffee filters, pour the yogurt in, and let it drain to the consistency you want.  This doesn’t take long.  Super easy, super cool!

Then have fun finding your favorite mix-ins for your yogurt!

We often times sweeten it with honey and add a couple drops of vanilla extract.  Try adding fruit, jams, applesauce and cinnamon … and maybe a few raisins, frozen juice concentrate, maple syrup.  Sprinkle a little granola, nuts, or cereal on top or some shredded coconut.  Mix in some pudding mix or chocolate syrup for a dessert-like yogurt.  …  And enjoy!!