Last night I had just finished picking up around the house and we had said our evening prayers with the girls.

They were all snuggled into bed.  The house was quiet.  And it was relatively clean.

These moments are wonderful for my soul.

I settled onto my bed with the baby to feed her and get her into bed as well.

Aaaah … calm and quiet.

I looked over to the chair next to my bed and saw a remnant of the day.

A reminder of when our Bug had laid on my bed and read to her baby sister.

This chair that was mine when I was a child.

My desk chair that I sat on all through school.

All those hours doing homework … oh, not exactly my favorite memory, never mind.

The paint is worn off in places and I think it makes it even more beautiful.

There is a splotch of brown paint from when Texas Guy and I painted the living room.

There is a spot of blue paint on it from when I painted the girls’ bedroom.

Now draped with colorful, one-of-a-kind necklaces created especially for me by the hands of my babies that are growing up so quickly.

And I was reminded of how wonderful my life is.

My heart is full.