What kind of messages are you sending?

Are they loving and encouraging?

Do they build people up?

Do you have unsent messages?

I don’t remember receiving many positive messages growing up.  …  That doesn’t mean they weren’t given.  I just don’t remember them.  …  So, as an adult I noticed that it wasn’t something that was automatic for me to do.  I would try to make a more conscious effort to send positive messages.  Then, before it could become a habit, I would start to forget.  I’d realize it later, start again, and then forget.  Wash, rinse, repeat.

Years ago, I was a mom of 4.  My oldest was 15.  My youngest was almost 1-year-old.  I was diagnosed with cancer.  While waiting to get tests results to find out more – how concerning a threat this was, if it had spread, what actions could be taken – I realized that I had unsent messages.  I was determined to find a way to make my message-sending a habit.

It has had a wonderful effect on my life, and as an extra blessing, it has had a positive impact on others  …  if just for a moment.  Positive messages help build people up.  They help strengthen relationships.  They help to counteract all the negatives that we are exposed to everyday.

In our family relationships – parents, spouses, children, siblings, etc. – there are so many things that we love and appreciate about them.  But how often do we tell them?

They can be the big things they do for us, or the little things.  A memory from childhood that comes to mind.  Something someone did for you that meant so much.  Something you admire or respect about them.

These can be recent or something that happened many years ago.  It doesn’t matter.  The power of the positive message is all that matters.

The same goes for our friends  …  our child’s teachers …  church members … coworkers.

Send those positive messages.

…  I’d like to share with you how I finally made this a habit.

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