Messages – Part 1 – The Who, The What, The Why

Here’s how I finally made my desire to share positive messages a habit.

First – Find The Positive

If you’re not in the habit of finding the positive in others and in everyday life, you’re not alone.  It’s just not how life, or people, typically operates.  We’re busy, we’re distracted, we’re stressed out … the reasons are endless.  But, you can do it.  You’ll be so much happier when you do.  And you’ll have a positive impact on others.  Over time it will become easier.

Second – Do It Now

If at all possible, send the message as soon as you think about it.  The last thing any of us needs is another item on our To Do list.  And chances are, if you put it off you it won’t get done – you’ll forget, you’ll feel too busy, etc.  But really, it doesn’t take much time to do.

Third – Choose Your How

Go old school and write a note.

Sometimes this is a great idea.

Sometimes it’s the only way.

Send a text message or an email.

It’s quick, easy, immediate … and still just as wonderful.

Send a “mirror message”.

This has been a favorite in our family for many years.

Get yourself some of these dry erase markers.  …  Try to find the “low odor” ones and darker colors are much much easier to see, the lighter colors can be hard or impossible to see.

We keep them in the bathrooms along with a small rag for erasing.

They’re great!!

A word of love or encouragement written on the mirror before you go to bed for your child who has an upcoming test at school or your spouse will help them start the day off right in the morning.  It goes beyond the reminders and takes communication to a whole new, fun place!

Also, we found that we like to draw pictures – pictures that send or include a message, or just pictures for the fun of it.  And this was a great way for the little ones to participate before they were old enough to read and write.

However you do it … send your messages!