A while ago, my mom gave me some of these clips in various sizes.

She told me they were so handy.

I realized recently that I use them for all kinds of things.

Wouldn’t you know it, Mom was right.

Bags of food – like cereal, chips, crackers, etc.

Texas Guy keeps a couple in his truck for his bags of chips.

Keeping the tea bags from falling in when I’m making a pitcher of sweet tea.

On the key hook by the door …

For all those papers that need to head out the door on my next trip.

They are handy!

And they’re super durable, so they last … well, I don’t know how long, they haven’t broken yet.

And they’re very affordable.

And they come from the office supply store, or section.  …  That’s one of my favorite sections!

They come in all different sizes, and colors, and patterns …

Go online and search your favorite store for “binder clips”.

I did.

Then I wanted to buy a bunch more.

But, I still have a bunch.

The darn things last forever.