First ….

Earlier this week, we received a catalog in the mail from an office supply company.

I’m still in the process of cleaning up and clearing out the remains of the craziness of this past year.  So, I was trying to efficiently go through the mail.  This was trash.  As I headed towards the trash can with it, Texas Guy asks, with total disbelief, if I was going to throw that away.  I tell him, of course I am, we don’t need it, and if you really need to look at office supplies, check them out online.

He objected, adamantly.

So I kept it.

Here’s the thing.  Aside from the very good and logical reasons I’ve given for not keeping the catalog, I love office supplies.  I’ve mentioned this before, I know.  But it’s worth repeating.  That’s how much I love them.  And I’m trying to be productive.  So this 1,066 page catalog is just going to be a tempting distraction.

I took a peek at it yesterday.

Last night, I dreamt about file cabinets.

No joke.

Second …

I don’t always know what my children are up to every minute of every day.

But I usually know when they have been playing with sidewalk chalk.

We have a white dog.

He likes to plop himself down for a nap wherever the girls have been drawing.

Apparently the color of choice was blue.

Third …

Last night, after putting the girls in bed, I went around checking rooms to tidy up.

Here’s what I found in the bathroom after they had brushed their teeth.

The spare toilet paper roll, with lots of their “funny flossers” stuck in the top.

(And a mirror message marker in the center.)

I had to stifle a laugh.

Then I told Texas Guy to take a look.