How often do you text?

Do you text constantly?

Or do you have no idea where the texts live in your cell phone?

I text regularly.

But, there was a time that I was certain I would never text.

I didn’t see the benefit.  It seemed so much easier to pick up the phone and make a call.

At the time I had a cell phone that required me to push a button once for “a’, twice for “b”, three times for “c” … you know the ones.  So, it did take a little while.

Then, two years ago, I got a smartphone.

And unlimited texting.

And, without thinking it through, I let my oldest daughter know about my unlimited texting.

Then she started texting me aaaaall the time.

I reminded her where I stood on the texting issue.  It’s so much easier to make a phone call, so texting was just silly, phone calls are more personal  …  It goes on and on … I had lots of reasons.

She kept texting.

I reminded her again.

She kept texting.

Then I think she kicked it into high gear.

The child can be relentless!

And eventually, she wore me down.

But, now, I’m sooooo glad she did!

The convenience of texting is wonderful!  I didn’t realize it.  It seemed, in my opinion, to be just the opposite  … inconvenient.

Once I stopped complaining and began texting, the communication between my teenage daughter and I increased.  Anyone who knows us will probably find that impossible.  Like one of her friends pointed out – we are like peanut butter and jelly.  But, it did.  And that’s always fantastic.

She would text about nothing important, something interesting, something funny.  It was easy for her and she didn’t need to try to remember it later when she got home and try to find time to talk with all the busy-ness of our home.  Obviously it doesn’t replace the more important times of conversation, but it catches all the fun little stuff that would probably get lost.  It was fun stuff beyond the “Clean your room, Baby Girl.” and “Mom, will you …?”

I have found it to be a fantastic way to follow through on my efforts to send those positive messages to my friends and family.

And a fun way to send those fun, I’m thinking about you, messages.

Here’s one I sent to my cousin this morning …

Just pulled a bruised part off a peach & threw it in the sink, missed, it landed behind the bar of soap, & I thought of you.  I can’t explain myself.  But I luv u

See?!  Fun!

I could go on and on.

But I won’t.

You’re welcome.

If you don’t text much, I hope you’ll reconsider.

The opportunity to increase communication is at your fingertips.

Don’t miss it.