My sweet baby is six months old today.

So, I have baby on the brain.

Last night we gave the baby a bath.

When she’s done, I dry her off and powder her up with corn starch … while Texas guy tells her not to worry, “Momma’s not going to cook you.”

He’s funny that one.

But, I imagine it does look a bit odd.

I’ve used corn starch on all my babies.

I don’t use baby powder.

I love the way my babies smell and I don’t like to cover that up with those strongly scented baby powders.

I also don’t like the way it tends to get into the air that we’re all breathing.  It’s definitely not a good thing.

But, corn starch is fantastic!

I use it on my babies when they’ve got all those nooks and crannies, all those rolls of baby squish that get too warm  …  the neck and armpits that hide and tend to get red or rashes.  I grab a pinch and spread it on.

Or if the baby tends to get heat rash, sprinkle it all over.

…  But you don’t need to be a baby to use it …

It’s great for grown ups, too!

If you work in the heat it will do the same thing as it does for the baby.

I’ve used it as a body powder.  Especially nice on a warm day.   I don’t know why it makes me feel cooler.  …  Some fresh lavender added to the cornstarch and it smells wonderful.  Placed in an old powder container, or a shaker for food (like sugar, etc.) and it sprinkles right on!

Now where did I put my old container …