“As old as my tongue and a little bit older than my teeth.” ~ Kris Kringle’s employment card, Miracle on 34th Street

This is one of my most favorite “quotes” from a movie.

Although, I guess it’s not really a quote, as no one actually says it.

But, it’s still one of my favorites.

From the original 1947 movie.  Not the remake.  Never the remake.  Because the original is classic, perfection.  …  And because there’s nothing wrong with the “old” one.

Not too many years ago, I turned 29.  (OK, it was a few years ago.)

I then realized I would be 30 in just one year’s time.

I was shocked.  I began to review my life up to that point.  My accomplishments …  and lack there of.  My relationships.  My world.  My laundry piles (there’s always laundry).  It was a little thoughtful review.

It then turned into a full-blown freak out.  For the following year.  The entire year.  All 365 days. I was freaking out about my impending 30th birthday.  My accomplishments … and more so my lack there of.  My laundry.  My world. … You get the picture.

Then, on the 30th anniversary of my birth, I was in Phoenix, Arizona, in the middle of summer (Did you know, I do not, absolutely, in any way, enjoy in the slightest, hot weather, high temperatures, heat in the air that makes me think I might be nearing the earth’s core?), at a business conference, far away from my children (the loves of my life, the light in my heart, the fruit of my loins).

I was certain life could not be worse.

Some of my friends at the conference took me out to dinner between sessions.  I was 30.  And I was fine.


I quickly realized within the first few days afterwards that I loved being 30.

And I couldn’t figure out what I was so freaked about.

I decided that I would never repeat that ridiculous year long freak out.

Me, at 31 actually. But I don't have time to dig out the really old pics of me at 30 ... or of me without extra weight just 2 months after giving birth.