Saturday was just like any Saturday for us.

Texas Guy was working and I was doing my stuff at home while the girls did any chores I gave them and then played.

About 1:30 in the afternoon, two hours past our usual lunchtime, I was standing at the stove making mac ‘n’ cheese from the blue box in a hurry!

So, there I am, in my groove, doing my thing, me and the girls that are all under 4 feet tall.

This is my world.  All day.

Standing at the stove with a pot of just boiling water and Texas Guy slowly pokes his head around the doorway.

Texas Guy who is much taller than the shorties I spend all day with.

Texas Guy who, while lovely to look at, does not look like the cuties that fill my life.

I freaked out!!

He scared the bejeeberz out of me!

I mean, he was home 4 hours early!!

I quickly recognized him as I reached towards the pot of boiling water thinking I’ll throw it at the intruder!  *whew*

Minutes later, when he finally finished laughing, he called the girls into the other room.

Oh, brother, as if he hasn’t caused enough trouble already.  What could he be up to now?

They all walk back into the kitchen and Sweet Pea has something behind her back.  … Hmmmm…

A surprise birthday present for me!

Except that I am not a huge sports fan, not so much that I buy team logo items for myself, and I’m not from Texas, I just got here, so I’m not a die-hard anything fan.

But Texas Guy is.

And everyone in the family already has their gear.

He made sure of that.

Everyone but me … until Saturday.

While I tried to recover from the shock of his appearance and the appearance of the purse, he just kept laughing at me.  Then, laughing he says, Don’t you like it? It has pockets inside it.

OK, so I look inside to tell him how handy the interior pockets will be and find

… this!

Now THIS I really like!

It’s from James Avery which I love.

It’s perfectly suited for me,  he knows me, which I love.

And it looks great with just about everything!

Which, sadly, that purse does not.