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Before we left Texas, a good friend and neighbor dropped by as I was packing up and brought some food for us to take on the road.

What a blessing!

We always take snacks and drinks with us, even for short trips.  But, with everything else, I had forgotten.  I stuffed them in a tote bag, and those snacks lasted the entire trip!

They were a lifesaver!

She is a lifesaver!

Another fabulous thing about the trip was all the fun Texas guy and I had texting and facebooking with everyone!  It helped to pass the time and made the trip so much more memorable!

Then, a real bright spot in the drive, as we finally crossed through west Texas, New Mexico, and part of Arizona on the 10 and approached Phoenix  …  after those miles and miles of flat nothingness  … there, in all it’s yellow and blue splendor  …  colorful and cheerful on the side of the freeway  …  was IKEA!!

But, we can talk about IKEA later.  For now, let’s try to focus on the trip … shall we?

We stopped just outside Phoenix to visit with my uncle, have lunch with him – Pizza!  Yay!!, Texas Guy took a shower, and in about an hour, we were back on the road.

And then  …  there it was in front of us  …  we crossed the state line  …  and we were in CALIFORNIA!!!


There is the big, brightly colored “Welcome to California” sign, some green grass, water  …  and then you’re in Blythe.

Blythe.  It’s not the welcome one might look forward to when entering California.

It’s a bit sad and disappointing.  …  In my opinion.

Right about Palm Springs, I took the only two pictures of the drive before the batteries on my camera died.

A wind farm.

I always like to look at this wind farm as we drive through.  And I can’t ever decide whether I like the way it looks or not.

Our first stop in California was for dinner, and while in California we tried to eat at places we like but can’t eat at in Texas.

First stop … Del Taco!!

There are no pictures.  Remember, my batteries died.  Very sad.

The girls and I really like Del Taco!!  We really don’t like that-other-place.

Texas Guy had never eaten at Del Taco, but based on the food at that-other-place, he was not intrigued.  At all.

He was happy to discover that he likes Del Taco, also.

We took our food out to the patio and sat at a table right next to the drive-thru menu board and order speaker which was very near a freeway entrance.  There were a few trees here and there, but it didn’t completely hide our surroundings.  However, after approximately 24 hours in the car, it felt like the best table at the best restaurant anywhere!  We were outside, in the fresh air (albeit Southern California, freeway close, smog infested air  …  it wasn’t the inside of the truck) and the sun felt so good on our faces and skin!

Back on the road, just an hour more, and we had reached our destination!

It felt so great to arrive!  To get out of the truck!  To see my cousin and his wife … the baby’s godparents!

Texas Guy did all but two hours of the driving, thanks to the kidney stones the morning before we left.  I was just too worn out and sore.

He did a fantastic job, and the drive wasn’t dreadful at all.  (I thought the idea of driving straight through would be horrible.)

The girls all did fantastic!!  I love taking road trips with them!  They each brought a backpack of things to do, they spent a lot of time playing and visiting with each other, and playing with the baby.

The baby.  She was the one I was unsure of.  She did fantastic as well!

It was a long drive, made much more enjoyable by all the people that we were with inside the truck as well as the ones that visited with us by text and facebook!!

And we were in California!!

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