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On our fist morning in California, the girls were up early as usual.  I got up with them and walked outside.  The California sun and air felt glorious!

It feels different in California.  It just does.  I don’t know why.  You’ll just have to take my word for it.  …  The next day, my oldest daughter sent me a text telling me how good the California sun and air felt.  …  See, it’s not just me.

As I was standing outside soaking up the sun, I realized that this was not a dream!  We really were in California!

Texas Guy slept later than the rest of us.  He did almost all the driving and was tired.

When he did get up, he wandered around the kitchen for a moment … it’s a huge kitchen.  Then he decided to make coffee.  Then he tried to connect our laptop up to the wireless internet.  But, they don’t know what their password is and after many attempts at guessing, we all just gave up.

Then he started to get antsy.

Texas Guy needs to work.  He needs to stay busy.

So, he went out and washed the truck.

Once he had finished washing all the miles off the truck, he asked me to come outside and take a picture with the truck.  Like it was a family member.  Men and their trucks.  It’s a funny thing.  Especially in Texas.

He says, “Smile, babe.”

I said, “The sun reflecting off the concrete is blinding me and the hot concrete is burning my feet.  I am smiling.  Take the picture, please.”

Then he went to work with my cousin to one of the job sites  …  something about installing a “winda”.  …  That’s Texas for “window”.  Just trying to help.

It soon became apparent that Texas Guy and I are not exactly the sit around relax kind of vacation people.  …  You’ll see what I mean.  …  But, Texas Guy wanting to work an hour and a half into our vacation is a pretty good indication!

That afternoon, my cousin and his wife hosted a family get-together for us.

It was so wonderful to be able to stay at their house and relax and visit after 24 hours in the truck driving halfway across the country!

We had such a great time visiting with everyone that could make it!  My son and his girlfriend flew into LAX after a trip to Illinois.  They waited at the airport until my oldest daughter flew in from Texas with my grandbaby and they all drove out to the get-together.  The timing of everything was perfect!!  What a blessing!

Dinner was absolutely delicious!!  A fiesta for the taste buds!!

They grilled carne asade and served it with real homemade Spanish rice, beans – not from a can, warm corn tortillas, a green salad, fresh strawberries and blueberries, and two cakes – a delicious cinnamon swirl thing and a heavenly gooey chocolate thing  – YUM!!

Here’s one of the things I miss the very most about California  …  the amazing produce!!  The produce here, at least in our small part of Texas, does not come close.  Nowhere near it.  And the price for the not-so-delicious produce is enough to make me cry … each and every time I shop in the produce section.  Growing up in California, I had no idea there were people in the U.S. who were not enjoying the same amazing produce.  It’s sad.  Very very sad.

And, so, I’d like to offer this up as explanation for my behavior when I grabbed the giant bowl of strawberries and blueberries and ran away with it.  And why my oldest daughter ran after me.  And why we both momentarily, or for a while, forgot all about our babies that maybe we should have been taking care of.

I would also like to point out that in an effort to be a fantastic mother and to teach my children well, I did not willingly share the berries … or, for that matter, what we believed to be the last of the milk as we indulged in the gooey chocolate cake.  It is my intent to teach them good survival skills.

She’s fast, that oldest daughter of mine.  But I was faster.  …  And I hurdled the baby gate.  While wearing a dress.  While she tried to open it.  …  No, I’m not ashamed of myself.  Why do you ask?  …  The milk tasted extra good!

Seeing my son for the first time since we moved to Texas and having all my children together was an incredible blessing!  And an opportunity for some fun pictures …

My grandbaby and youngest daughter

Another picture of the two of them ... because they're so cute!

All of my children ... together ... Yay!!

All of my children ... and my grandbaby! (These next three are pics of a pic because my scanner is broken. *sad face*)

Texas Guy and I with all the children and my son's girlfriend.

And  …

3 Generations

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