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Day 3 in California, and I woke up early with the children, …

I started last-minute laundry so we could leave with bags full of clean clothes (Then the baby dirtied a diaper and we left with some dirty clothes. Drat.), …

fed the children and myself, …

tried to wash all the towels and sheets we used while we there (I don’t remember if I got it all done or not, but I do know I didn’t get around to remaking the beds. Drat.), …

repacked our bags, as well as packed bags for the day (changes of clothes, baby diapers and toys, etc.) …

then Texas Guy and I loaded up the truck.

By then Yvonne had breakfast ready.

So we ate, again.

Egg sandwiches.

We weren’t about to pass that up!  …  Yum!

We regretfully said goodbye to my cousin and his wife.  Our visit was much too short.

Then we hit the road for …


Listen, a person can stay sad for only so long.

It causes wrinkles you know.

Growing up not far from Disneyland, I have been many times.  But, I really really love going.  And it had been many years since my last visit, which was with a 3-year-old and a 6 month old.  Not a whole lot of fun.  I firmly believe that children (and parents) have the best time if they wait until they’re at least 5 or 6 years old.

Sweet Pea was 3 years old and Bug was just 6 months old so this was the first visit they remember.

Texas Guy and the littlest monkey were there for the first time.

My parents were able to play hooky from work and go with us.

And the weather was great.

It was so much fun!!

By the time we got packed up, drove there, and got into the park … and because we were still on Texas time … it was time for lunch.

We stopped in Tomorrow land just in time to eat and watch the Jedi Training show.

The girls know nothing about Star Wars yet.

But, Sweet Pea is a kinetic kid at heart.

She sat and ate her lunch and was obviously soaking up every minute of the show as a line of prechosen children had their chance to go through the movements of sparing with Darth Vader, lightsabers in hand.

When it was done, she came over to the table we were sitting at and showed us just how to handle Darth Vader.

She had the routine down.  And she meant business.  She was serious.

Our first ride was the Matterhorn.

The girls went with my parents while Texas Guy and I waited at the front of the line with the baby.  They had a blast!  Then we handed the baby off to my parents and went on the ride.  Wheee!!

Next was It’s a Small World.

The girls really wanted to go.  All I could think was, that song is going to be stuck in my head aaaalll day, maybe we should go later.  But, we went anyway.  I wanted everyone there for their first times have a good time.

The ride stopped part way through.

Uh oh.

I tried to think positive  …  It’s nice and cool in here.  The baby has more room to wiggle since she’s not in the stroller.  This gives us plenty of time to look around at everything.  …  And, fortunately, they turned the song off while we waited.

They are kind-hearted souls.

The ride started back up and off we went!


We even caught a glimpse of Texas Guy!

See the hat?

On top of that blond hair?

The belt buckle?

Are those Wranglers?!

We had a wonderful day!

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