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Day 4 in California …  and another day at Disneyland!

Thanks to my parents!!

I woke up with the baby but everyone was still sleeping.  We were at a hotel just a few short minutes from Disneyland so we didn’t have to get up too early.

Unless you have a baby to take care of.

So, while everyone slept (except that tiny monkey that appointed herself my alarm clock) I snuck around quietly gathering what we would need for the day, again, and tried to get myself ready while keeping the baby safe, happy, and quiet.

About an hour later, the girls woke up.

Keeping them quiet with the excitement of another day at Disneyland ahead was not easy.  Add to that, the excitement that it was our little LadyBug’s birthday, and it was almost impossible.

But, Texas Guy was still asleep.

So, I bathed all three of the monkeys, got everyone dressed, finished gathering and packing what we needed for the day, and getting myself ready.

By then, I was tired … and ready for a vacation.  Or at least a morning to sleep in.

Then Texas Guy got up and ready to go.

We stopped and got breakfast – fruit smoothies, yogurt, and muffins for the girls and I.  Yum!!  It was perfect.

Texas Guy was not at all interested.  Fruit smoothies apparently isn’t cowboy food.  So we found him a burger and fries.  …  It was really closer to lunch than breakfast by the time we ate.

Walking into the park we noticed all the characters were out for pictures and autographs.

The lines were really long, so we took pictures from the side and went on our way to have some fun.

We happened to notice that Donald Duck’s line was the longest.  And he had stopped to walk back along the line, working the crowd.  I wonder why the duck seemed to be so much more popular?

By the time Texas Guy was eating his burger, we caught up with my sister-in-law and her daughter who were playing hooky to join us for the day.  The girls had so much fun visiting with their younger cousin.  And they didn’t seem to mind their aunt’s knack for spoiling them.

We spent another day going on rides and having fun.

The girls had such a great time

By dinnertime, I knew exactly where I wanted to eat.  Village Haus in Fantastyland.  It was my favorite meal stop when I was a child.  I sat there enjoying dinner and remembering all the times I had eaten there over the years.  Particularly with one of my cousins.  It seemed to be a part of our routine.

We finished eating, took a few pics, and bundled up.

It was getting chilly.

Chilly nights were so much fun after coming from the summer Texas heat and knowing we would be back in it soon.

Soon after dinner, we decided to go to California Adventure.

We went there once the day before for just one ride and that was it.  So, we wanted to check it out.  None of us had been there before.

But, first, we stopped on our way out so the girls could spend the $10 Disney dollars that Yvonne had given them.  Sweet Pea bought a … lightsaber.  It was a no brainer, that’s what she wanted.  Bug took a bit longer and finally settled on a hairbrush with Belle on the back.

It was dark by now and California Adventures was alive, a regular street party.  The girls and I had fun stopping to dance with a crowd of people.

Then off to Tower of Terror.

Texas Guy went in and I waited with the girls and the sleeping baby.  She was out for the night.

The girls passed the time waiting by playing with the cool light-up lightsaber,

pausing occasionally to discuss loud or concerning noises coming from the ride, wanting to be sure Texas Guy was OK and would return safely.

He did.  And we were off again for more fun.

Next stop “a bug’s land”.  But, first, we stopped to watch what we could see of the fireworks show that was going on at Disneyland.  It’s an amazing show.  And even from where we were, it was good.

By the time we got to “a bug’s life” it was so late that it was practically empty.  All the little ones must have been in bed.  Like normal children.  But our girls still had plenty of energy.  Sweet Pea would yawn occasionally, but she wasn’t ready to quit.  So we kept going.  I sat with the littlest monkey while Texas Guy ran around on all the rides with the girls.  They seemed to have a really good time.

By the time we finished there, the park was closing down.

But, an employee told us, Disneyland is open for another hour.  … “Can we …?!” the girls asked.

So, one more hour.

Back in Disneyland, they went on Big Thunder Mountain, again.  Bug loved that ride.

Then we raced over to Splash Mountain.  The wait was so long during the day.  It was a warm day.  Splash Mountain sounds good when it’s hot outside.  But, the line wasn’t so long now and they hadn’t gone on it.

Off they ran into the entrance while I waited with the sleeping baby.  It has been a long time since I’ve gone on the ride.  But, I remembered it was fun.  I stood and waited, and waited, and waited.  Then as I watched each group ride down the steep drop towards the big splash and listen to their very loud screams, I began to think, What in the world was I thinking, sending my offspring, the fruit of my loins, off to plummet down such a steep drop?! I imagined their terror as they screamed, horrified, their little lives flashing before their eyes.

… It was late.  I had been up early with the children and 2 hours before Texas Guy every morning of our trip.  I was tired.  And I had spent almost 5 hours sitting with the sleeping baby while the three of them went on rides.  …  It all made the wait seem soooo much longer.

Riders after riders, plummeting.  Screams after screams.  …  And finally, my children, the girls I carried for nine months and birthed without any pain medication, exited the ride and ran straight to me … telling me how much fun it was!!



Of course, it was.

I wasn’t a bit concerned.

Just 15 minutes left.

Last ride of the day.

Of the trip.

Splash Mountain where we were already standing.  Or Big Thunder Mountain, the next closest option.

We put the decision up to the birthday girl.

Though, no one should have been surprised by her choice.  She loves Big Thunder Mountain.  I don’t blame her.  It’s always been a favorite of mine, too.

Off we race and get there just in time!

We closed that party down!

It was a long, exhausting day.  But the girls had a blast.

I can’t believe they stayed awake the whole time.

And I was so very grateful to have a hotel room nearby!

Thanks to my parents!

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