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The day before was long and fun.

After a night at the drive-in and driving south a little ways to retrieve the girls, we were way too tired to drive back to my parents’ house.

There was nothing in Solvang that was open and had vacancy.  So we drove to Buellton, towards the freeway.

We found one.

It was gross.

I prefer not to stay there again.

But it was a place to sleep, shower, and get back on the road.  And it was better than driving tired.

So it was perfect!

The morning of Day 6, we were back on our way south.

The drive back south is a beautiful one.  Rolling hills and oftentimes, a view of the ocean.

I’ve always loved that drive!

With a beautiful day ahead, we stopped at the beach in Santa Barbara.

Santa Barbara.

I could go on and on.

I just love that place.

Texas Guy still wanted to swim in the Pacific while we were on vacation.

So he parked the truck, he and I stepped outside for a moment, looked at each other, and agreed … it was too cold.

No warmer than the day before.  Perfect weather for spending all day at Disneyland or hanging out at the beach.  Not so perfect for swimming in the ocean.

All was not lost, though.

The Santa Barbara Zoo is one of my most favorites.  The children like it, too.

It’s absolutely beautiful.  The weather is usually perfect.  It never feels crowded.  We can see everyone’s favorite animal without any problem in just one visit.

After a fun day at the zoo, we continued south towards my parents’ house  …  stopping off for a quick visit with a friend.

“Woman” and I have been friends since high school.

And that’s what we have always called each other … “Woman”.

When we are both old and senile, we won’t even remember each others’ real names.

Woman and her family moved to Washington a few years ago.  We miss each other.

She just happened to be in California on vacation at the same time we were.

How cool is that?!?!

She and her family had stopped by her mom’s house for a quick change before they had to leave for dinner with friends.  And we had just enough time before we had to leave for our dinner with family.

But we were there long enough for her to hold my baby for a few minutes (something about my life is not complete until she holds each and every one of my babies), for us to see all our girls, and for the two of us to see each other in person.

It’s so good to see someone in person.

And then we went our separate ways.

By now it was dinnertime.

And I knew exactly what to eat.

I had been texting and planning all day.

We met my parents at my brother’s house  …  where my sister-in-law met us with my mos favorite Chinese food … from Chi’s.

It is so very good  …  and I miss it so very much … that I was too focused on the food to take pictures.

I’m very sad now.

But my belly was so very happy.

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