Labor Day.

It brings on thoughts of BBQ’s, swimming, and a day off.

Then, when the girls asked me what Labor Day was, my first thought was, Well, how do you think you got here, kid?!  Hours and hours of it.  And without any pain medication.

Can I get an Amen, mommas?!

But, I strive to be a good parent.

So, while I thought I knew what it was all about, I wanted to be certain before I informed them.

Labor Day is a holiday that was originally established to celebrate, and demonstrate to the public, the strength of labor and trade organizations as well as the pride and honor of those that work in the labor and trade fields.  The hard work of those men, and since then women, that this country was founded on and has helped to make it strong and prosperous.

In my eyes, my Texas Guy is the epitome of all that Labor Day is intended to honor.

He works hard six days a week in an effort to provide for his family as best he can.  He takes great pride in his work.  And he only takes Sundays off in an effort to make time for his family.

Not that he doesn’t work on Sundays.

Sometimes he does.

It’s not the kind of work I’d want to do.

But, it is amazing that in the morning there can be nothing standing, and then have this to show for a days work.

And today … on Labor Day … he is working.

I admire and respect him so much.