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Day 7  …  We can’t believe we are still here!!  And we are having so much fun!!  We are doing fun things, going fun places, eating yummy food … but, best of all, we are seeing family and friends!!

We spent the night at my parents’ house the night before, and stayed there until the rest of our trip.

I absolutely love staying with them.  It gives all of us so much more time to visit!!

Plus, it’s the home I grew up in.  …  That’s fun!

The green shag carpet is no longer there.  Sadly.  Because that was some fun, I’ll tell you what!  …  Maybe another time.

We woke up on Day 6 and headed out the door  … Hey, I told you we weren’t the sit around and relax kind of vacation people  …  Though we may have gone a bit nuts on this trip.

The girls were off to spend the day with their dad and they were so excited.

We dropped them off and realized we were hungry.  By now, due to the time difference and our wild schedule, we never really knew what meal we were eating or checked the clock to see if it was time to eat, we just ate.

So, I tried to think of where else I want to eat while we’re in California.

And then it hits me!!

That’s right  …  Tommy’s!!

It’s classic California, right?!

I haven’t eaten there since college.

Shame on me.

And Texas Guy never has.

But, with his love for Frito Pie (we’ll discuss that further later, honest, I promise) I figured he might like it.

You never know though.

Texans have this thing about chili and I don’t know that I’ll ever understand it.

There it is!

Burger and fries covered in chili and cheese.

It looks rather disgusting, I think.

I’ve always thought that.

We took pics with Texas Guy’s phone which …

1. Didn’t come out very good, though sometimes they do, so I don’t know what happened.

and …

2. Would someone please, for the love of Pete, explain to my why I still leave the house without my camera sometimes?!?!

Oh my holy heck!!  I had forgotten how good this stuff is!!

Shame on me.

And Texas Guy became an instant fan.  He’s certain it needs to be sold in Texas.

It would be a big hit.

After filling up  …  seriously  …  we got back in the truck  and drove to Universal Studios.

My mom had acquired two tickets about 15 years ago.  I don’t remember the story of how she got them.

Texas Guy had always wanted to go, so we figured we’d see if they would let us in with them.

These tickets were old.  I mean way old.  …  Again, I have no explanation for the lack of photo.  I don’t know what to say for myself.

Think E-ticket old.

But, we figured we’d give it a try.  The tickets didn’t have an expiration date on them.  They didn’t have much on them.

Texas Guy was really looking forward to this.  Really.

I went when I was in 8th grade.  …  That was a few years ago.  …  Plus a few decades, I suppose.  …  But I was totally not impressed and have never had the desire to return.

When we got there they looked at the tickets and were a bit confused and uncertain, but they let us in.

First we went to the 3D Shrek thing.

I spent most of the time trying to keep the baby from being startled and disrupting the fun for the others.

If I had known what to expect, we might have taken turns in the “ride” and with the baby.

So, if it was cool, it was lost on me.

Then I took this picture of Texas Guy.

(No animals or Texans were hurt in the making of this picture.)

Then we found the Simpsons ride.

Not a baby ride, so Texas Guy went and I waited.

And waited.

And waited.

The line was long.

He finally came back out and wasn’t real impressed.  I’m not a diehard Simpsons fan, so I skipped the really long line.

We ate again … I think it would be considered our lunch  …  which would have made Tommy’s our breakfast.  … Don’t judge.

Then for the most part, Texas Guy went on rides while I waited with the baby.

And he took this picture of the WB lot.

It’s a view I’ve always loved.  It just says Southern California to me.  Always has.

Overall, it wasn’t as fantastic as he expected it to be, but he did enjoy it.

I think maybe I’m just not a Universal Studios kind of girl.

But, it was free … which is awesome.

And I bought a Cinnabon before we left.

I drool just thinking about it.

It was really late by the time we picked the girls back up, but I wanted them to have as much time to visit as possible.

They had a fantastic time and were asleep just a few minutes after buckling them into their car seats.

We stopped to get gas.

As I was walking out of the gas station, a guy walked out before me.  He was in his early 20’s.  As I caught the door as it came back to close in front of me, I watched his baggy pants that were barely hanging on walk away from the door and the building.  And I realized one of the things I really missed about Texas.

Gentlemen, of all ages, that hold the door for another person (woman or man), usually with a nod or a friendly word  …  and men and boys that wear pants that fit.  That stay up where pants are supposed to be – at their waist, hence the term for that top portion of the pants, the waistband.  And that keep their underwear under their clothes.

And for the first time since we left home, I thought, Get me back to Texas!

Of course, not all pants in California are barely hanging on for dear life.  But one is more than I care to look at.

And, it’s rare to see that in the part of Texas where I am.

As these thoughts ran through my head, I was so relieved to remember that I taught my son to hold the door for me and others as soon as he big enough and strong enough.  It was well before he started school.  But, if he could handle the door, it didn’t make sense for him not to.

And I wondered if he still does.

I hope so.

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