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I woke up on the morning of our last day in California.

I was sad to be leaving all the people and places I love in California.

I was looking forward to getting back to all the people and places I missed in Texas.

I was sad to be leaving a vacation of fun and no To Do list.

Though I was tired from all the early morning preps while everyone else slept and I certainly was not looking forward to getting back into my To Do list.

I begrudgingly dragged my butt out of bed, staying quiet while everyone slept.  I walked out of the bedroom into the hallway to find …

… Sweet Pea.

Sweet Pea is an early riser.

Very early.

She also misses her grandparents.

Apparently, she had waken up, wrapped herself in her blanket and went looking around the house.  When she found that neither of them were up yet, she went and laid down in front of their bedroom door to wait … and fell asleep.

I dragged all our bags out of our bedrooms into the living room, started laundry and tried to organize items that we had acquired on the trip and items we had brought.

One by one, everyone woke up  …  while I continued with the laundry.

Vacation or not … there’s always laundry.

We had tickets to a Dodger game that afternoon.  Yay!!

Which happens to be very close to Phillipe’s.  Yum!!

My parents got up and decided to take the girls shopping for their back-to-school supplies.

The girls started school in just 3 days.

I printed their school supply lists off the school website and did more laundry while the go up and ate.

Then they left to shop and I got back to laundry and packing.  Oh, and of course taking care of the baby.

It soon became apparent that they would not be back in time for us to go to the game.  Bummer.

So, I finished packing at a more leisure pace.

It was nice to just relax a little.  …  Well, while I did laundry, packed our bags, and took care of the baby.  …  But, these days, that’s what I call relaxing.

And it was so nice to not have to take care of the school supply shopping as soon as we returned from the trip.

Texas Guy loaded up the truck, packing in all that we had brought, items that the girls had been given, 5 boxes of baby clothes I was taking back for a friend, and a stroller from my brother and sister-in-law.  Much more than we brought with us, but he got it all to fit.

We hated to say goodbye to my parents  …  and California.

And by we, I mean the girls and !.

I think Texas guy was ready to go back.

By the time we started driving, we were ready for an early dinner.

And I knew just where to go to grab a quick meal  …

Del Taco!!

I miss it in Texas.

Can you tell?

And it’s so very much better than that other place.  The only one of the two available in the entire “great” state of Texas.

We got there with just one car in front of us.

15 minutes later, we finally reached the drive thru window and were handed our food … though not the food we had ordered.

We finally got it all straightened and were back on the road.

Next stop … my cousin & his wife’s house.

We had “accidentally”  “forgotten” to give them their house key back.

They noticed and called us.


So much for our thoughts of moving in one day and hoping they wouldn’t notice  …  all 5 of us  …  and the dog.

Yeah, maybe not a well thought out plan after all.

We stopped to drop the key off, but it’s hard to stop by and run off when we love to see them.  So, of course we were there a short while.

Then … back on the road … again.

But …

Just one more stop.

No really.

Just one more this time.

For ice cream!

I found where we were going on my phone.  When we parked and got out the girls were immediately distracted by this …

There was lots of running and squealing.

The girls.  Not me.  Not Texas guy.  The girls.

Then a quick walk to get ice cream at …

Cold Stone!!

We love getting ice cream here!

We could smell the sugar as soon as we got to the door.  Oh, my!

We all contemplated which size to get, which ice cream to start with, and which mix-ins to get.

And we all floated out on the sugar-filled air with ice cream in hand.

Enjoying our ice cream, we drove east and left California, heading back to Texas.

Goodbye to all our dear family and friends.

Thank you so much for meeting us.

It was wonderful to see you all.

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