← Day 9 in California … And Heading Back

Our drive back to Texas began the night before.  We made a few stops on our way East and then left California.

Aside from being so sad to leave my family, friends, and all that I love about California, I was also feeling miserable.


While packing up, I had been hit with allergies.

First, I started sneezing.  Then my nose got drippy.  Before I knew it my mouth, my eyes, my entire head was itchy and I was trying to rub it enough that it might disappear in hopes that the itching would stop.

I continued to pack … blow my nose … pack … rub my itchy face and head  …  pack … you get the picture.

By the time we hit the road I was tired.

By the time we left California, I was exhausted.

I don’t remember when I fell asleep and I don’t remember any part of the drive until we were … umm … nearing a state line … that I think was Texas.  No, I think it may have been New Mexico.  I know I woke up more than once, but it’s all very very vague.

By the time I woke up near the , umm New Mexico ?, state line morning was about to break.

Feeling less allergy ridden, but like I had been run over by a truck, I drove for about two hours.  Then I just couldn’t drive another minute or I would fall asleep.  But, Texas Guy wanted to keep going.  And, once again, he drove all but two hours of the trip.

I felt so bad about that.  What are the odds?  Of all the long drives and road trips I have taken by myself with the children, I was perfectly fine.

Texas Guy only teased me about it a few times.  Then a few times more.

But at least he wasn’t upset about it.

By the time we had all waken up enough to hear the call of our empty tummies, we were in El Paso, TX.   …   This was not long after we crossed the Texas state line with Texas Guy behind the wheel, honking and yelling “Yeehaw!!”.

So we ventured off the road in search of breakfast.

Now I am seriously not a McD’s fan.  At all.  But, I do love their fruit parfaits.  The price is great and it’s a nice, balanced, yummy, relatively healthy snack for the girls and I.  Paired with a carb of some kind, maybe a milk or OJ, and I call it breakfast.

That was my plan.

I was so disappointed to be handed half-full parfait cups.  50¢ of parfait for the regular $1 price.

Has Ronald been hit by this tough economy as well?

But, we were all stuffed back into the truck and buckled.  I was tired. Everyone was hungry.  And my blood sugar level was on the floor.  There was no way I was going back in, to stand in line, to ask for the other 50¢ of my parfait.

(I still love those parfaits.)

Part way through my man’s “great state of Texas”, the cowboy in him kicked in.

And he decided to take a shortcut home.  Using smaller country roads that take us through very small towns in areas that don’t have great cell signal on the infrequent occasion that Texas Guy might refer to his phone to look at a map.

This is how he likes to travel.

I don’t mind it.

I think it’s fun.

But not part way through a 24 hour straight drive in a crammed truck with a baby that could at any moment decide she was absolutely, unequivocally, done sitting in her car seat.

I did enjoy the view though.

And the small towns we drove through.

I just love small towns!!

The drive home, just like the drive to California, was made so much more fun by communicating with family and friends through text messages and facebook!!

As we got closer to home it began to get dark.

It was so fun to see our church, that sits a few miles outside of town.

We absolutely love our church and it meant we were getting very close to home.

As we pulled into town, it was so nice to see lower gasoline prices.

It seems a little odd to me that I was so happy to see that.

Except that it takes an awful lot of money to feed Texas Guy’s truck.

Especially when driving it halfway across the country.

As we pulled into our driveway it was very dark outside.

All except a flashing, moving light.

Texas Guy asked, “What the heck is that?!”

It was a couple that lives a few houses down the road from us.

Two people who have come to mean so very much to us.

So much, that we would like to adopt them.

Keep them.


They had come to welcome us home!

I don’t think I have ever had a better welcome home.

We brought the sleepy children in and while I put them in bed, they helped Texas Guy unpack the truck.

And then they ran home to get milk and toilet paper for us when we realized we had run out so Texas Guy wouldn’t have to go back out to the store.

Yes.  We’re definitely keeping them.


Our trip was wonderful!

Such a blessing!

We had such a great time!

We got home with just one day left of summer vacation.

And the girls had a really fun day  …  at home  …  not in the truck.

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It was good to be back home.