The calendar says it’s officially Fall.

And I just got an email from a local pumpkin patch.  …  They will begin the fall fun this weekend.

With all this in my head this morning, I thought of something I just must share with you  …

Last year, we all went to the pumpkin patch.

Texas Guy, myself (pregnant with our newest one)  …

Oldest daughter, aka Baby Girl, (also pregnant  …  the two of us looking like we were smuggling pumpkins under our shirts) …

And the two younger girls.

We had lots of fun and we were nearly finished there when Baby Girl and I noticed a row of port-a-potties a little ways off in the distance.

There was a small group of people waiting for a turn.

We really don’t like using port-a-potties.

So, we stood there … looking at them … trying to decide if we should use them or not.

Wondering if it was worth the walk.

And the wait.

And the port-a-potty experience.

Trying to remember how far it was back to “civilization” …  and indoor plumbing.

Trying to determine if we could wait.

Or if we might later regret not taking the opportunity when we had it.

Did I mention we were pregnant?  A decision like this becomes much more important when a human is resting on your bladder … all the time.

Then we got a whiff of the port-a-potties.

That was all we needed.

We were fairly certain that if we could smell them at a distance, we definitely didn’t want to go inside one of them.

Right about then, Texas Guy walked up.

He stood next to us, looking in the same direction we were.

Then asked what we were looking at.

We explained what we were looking at and the very important decision we had been trying to make.

Then we told him about the decision we had made based upon the odor that was reaching us from afar.

To which he said, “That’s COW!”, sounding completely exasperated.

“Huh?”, Baby Girl and I asked, totally confused.

“That’s cow your smelling.”

In our defense, we hadn’t seen any cows anywhere.  So that possibility hadn’t occurred to us.

Texas Guy walked away leaving the two city girls there, confused, and surprised  …

…  And walked with the two younger girls.

I think he figured there might still be hope for them.